Ural Motorcycle For Sale

Ural motorcycles are a bizarre, yet nonetheless fun, blend of U.S. and Russian engineering and design. The company is managed by the United States division in Redmond, Washington, but its primary factory operates out of Russia. Ural motorcycles are almost exclusively sidecar-equipped motorcycles that offer WWII-style or classical looks.

While these unorthodox motorcycles may not be viewed in the same vein as the classic Harley-Davidson and similar bikes, Ural is the only major manufacturer of sidecar-mounted motorcycles in the world. As a result, this manufacturer has carved out an effective niche for its designs. Almost all Urals have On-Demand 2WD, which allows you to control the sidecar wheel and add engine power to boost off-road performance and handling during inclement weather.

Ural Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

Ural motorcycles don’t come with as much variety or flexibility as other motorcycle brands. However, you can still select from several different models or lines. These include:

  • Ural CT motorcycles are street-friendly and come in 15 different colors, including two camouflage aesthetics. Unfortunately, this model doesn't come with the above-mentioned 2WD feature.
  • Ural Gear Ups are dual sport motorcycles that are perfect for off-roading. Their driveshafts let you engage the sidecar wheels for 2WD and boost your traction on softer surfaces. Also included are LED fog lights, folding utility shovels, a luggage rack, and more.
  • Ural Sahara SE motorcycles are also designed for off-road work, particularly in desert environments. These motorcycles come with all kinds of accessories and optional features you can add to the price tag to boost their long-range driving capabilities.
  • Ural Sportsman SE Adventurer motorcycles are an evolution of the Gear Up bikes, as mentioned earlier. Featuring a 12 V power adapter to let you power your mobile devices, these bikes are ideal for weekend camping trips and similar excursions.
  • Ural Air LE motorcycles are 2WD-capable machines that feature a unique additional function - they can launch a single quadcopter drone. The bikes come with a bizarre, specific flip-open compartment for storing your drones.

Each of the above models accomplishes the same thing; marrying modern motorcycle performance to the classic sidecar design seen in earlier decades. Ultimately, these bikes will be popular only if you are interested in their unique aesthetics and passenger-riding abilities.

If You Are Buying a Used Motorcycle

Urals are relatively rare machines, whether you want to purchase one new or used. Should you decide to pick up a used motorcycle, you would like to keep a few essential things in mind to maximize your enjoyment of your new ride:

  • Naturally, check the kilometers or miles that the bike has gone through. Since they pull more weight and are tougher to drive safely, Urals sometimes have more wear and tear than other motorcycles.
  • Check the space between the right head and the sidecar; you need enough room to make a valve adjustment.
  • Look closely at the sidecar connection, which could be rusted through or too fragile for safety if the bike is worn and has been used for long-distance rides.

Lastly, make sure that you will be able to get replacement parts for any future fixes. All Ural parts have to go through IMZ-Ural, a dedicated importer located in Washington state. There are only a few other places that stock spare parts for these bikes, including Terry Crawford in Michigan.

Where to Find a Ural Motorcycle

Ural motorcycles can only be purchased from a single manufacturer, so that is your obvious choice for buying one of these bikes in new condition. Keep in mind that shipping to your location could take some time, given the distances required for the bikes to be manufactured in Russia and eventually shipped to the US.

You can alternatively find used Ural motorcycles using online listing sites like CycleTrader, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Before you go, check out the following prices for used and new Ural motorcycles, so you have an idea of what you will need to budget for:

2019 Ural M70 Motorcycles

The recent iterations from Ural’s M70 line are particularly popular these days, and for good reason. They are functionally modern in performance and aesthetics while still retaining the 1930s vibe, making them highly sought after amongst enthusiasts.

Any of these bikes will include the classic sidecar, a boxer engine, and a variety of other High Point features like extra storage space and a spot for a spare tire. It can be purchased in new condition from Ural directly or select dealerships, as not many dealers carry these unique motorcycles. Prices start at $16,500 in standard colors, or you can find some models in used condition for around $19,000.

2018 Ural CT Motorcycles

The Ural CT motorcycles still feature the old-fashioned sidecars that this brand is known for. But the sidecar is designed to fit a variety of additional accessories, such as a cover to keep out rain and dirt and more storage space. It is an urban-centric motorcycle that features thin yet powerful tires designed for reaching high speed on paved roads.

Many people may prefer this Ural motorcycle over the other variants due to its relatively streamlined and slick aesthetic. New motorcycles cost $14,500, while used Ural CTs can be found for around $14,000.

Ural Gear Up Motorcycles

Ural’s Gear Up line of sidecar motorcycles is specially designed for cross-country riding yet still offers decent off-road performance. The Gear Up line features thicker tires designed for traction on bumpy or soft materials, plus extra headlights on the sidecar to increase illumination in low-light environments.

New Gear Up motorcycles can be found for $16,500, while you can get used Gear Ups from earlier years like 2012 for as low as $8,000.

Ural Patrol Motorcycles

The Ural Patrol line of motorcycles includes some of its most classic models, all of which feature two-wheel-drive and all-terrain tires designed for off-road performance and solid street performance at the same time. It is a comfortable touring bike due to its versatility. Of course, it still includes the classic sidecar with a spare tire slot and optional cover. It does lack headlights on the sidecar, however.

New Ural Patrols can be found for around $20,000, while used models can be found for around $10,000.