Trike Motorcycle For Sale

The 3-wheeled motorcycles or "trikes" are specialized motorbikes that trade the classic look and maneuverability of a regular, two-wheeled motorcycle for extra stability and more performance. This stability is a positive factor for fans of the three-wheeled design. You don’t need to worry about your bike tipping over, nor do you need to put your foot down on the ground when at a complete stop to ensure proper balance.

However, trike motorcycles do come with some downsides. Extra wheels and more bodywork mean that trikes are heavier than their two-wheeled counterparts. Furthermore, it can be more difficult to park a trike in compact spaces.

Regardless, trikes are popular picks for luxury cruisers. These are riders who like to go out and casually drive on their favorite freeway routes or for commuters that need the convenience of an extra seat for a passenger.

Trike Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

There are several popular trike motorcycle manufacturers. These include Champion, which primarily offers trike conversions for Harley-Davidson models and other motorcycles. In addition, the DFT Trikes, which also offers conversion kits, and Lehman, which provides trike conversions for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, and other motorbikes.

The prevalent thing you will notice is that many trikes are conversions of formerly two-wheeled motorcycles. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, many trike enthusiasts find the best trikes to be those custom-designed for three wheels from the start.

Though it may be easier to find used trikes that became three-wheelers after applying a conversion kit, the best-performing trikes are often the ones manufactured as such.

Considerations When Buying A Used Motorcycle

Buying a used trike motorcycle will require the same care and examination you would use when purchasing any type of used motorcycle. We recommend you focus on these factors to make sure your ride is fun and safe:

  • Check the rear suspension. Independent rear suspensions are best as they offer better durability and more stability. Try to avoid trikes that lack this rather significant feature.
  • Examine the used trike’s track width. The track width is supposed to be relatively even with the wheelbase. When installed correctly, it will turn smoothly and even handle sharp corners comparably to a two-wheeled motorcycle. 
  • Play with the steering during your test drive. Make sure you can turn the handlebars fluidly and naturally. Motorcycle trikes ride significantly differently from two-wheeled bikes. Ensure they don’t take a lot of effort to shift from left to right.
  • Ask the original owner or dealer about the maintenance required for your new trike. Trikes require different levels of maintenance from regular motorcycles based on the manufacturer and whether or not a trike kit was used to convert an original bike.
  • Check for other parts and pieces, such as belt tension set and wear. You should also see whether the trike uses drum brakes, which are often more time-intensive to maintain. 

Where To Find A Trike Motorcycle

Fortunately, even though they aren’t as popular as two-wheeled bikes, you should still be able to find trike motorcycles at local and international dealers across the country. New trikes can be pretty pricey given the amount of effort and complex parts that go into creating one from scratch rather than using a conversion kit.

Used trikes can be found through online listing websites like CycleTrader or at dealerships. If you decide to go with a dealership, be sure to ask whether it’s a converted trike or not. It can be tough (if not near impossible) to tell the difference if the conversion is well executed.

With all that said, let us break down some of the prices you will see when purchasing new or used trikes from different manufacturers.

Can-Am Ryker Trikes

Try Can-Am's Ryker line of trikes; these feature two wheels in front and a powered wheel in the back. While these start at $11,500, each motorcycle comes with a 600cc engine to provide plenty of on-road and off-track driving power.

You can also pay up to $35,000 to get a more extreme, high-powered Can-Am Ryker trike. Each of these models comes with storage compartments and excellent steering controls for added performance and safety. Used Rykers can be found for as low as $7,500 on specific listing sites.

Spyder Trikes

Spyder trikes are a popular category in themselves. The Spyder F3-T is an awe-inspiring model that comes with a semiautomatic six-speed transmission, including a reverse mode and antilock brakes. Add the ample cargo capacity and protection, and you have an excellent adventuring bike on your hands that doesn’t skimp on comfort, either.

Each bike comes with an adjustable rear suspension and a four-speaker sound system so you can bring your favorite media into the wild. You can pay either $26,000 for a new three-wheeler or go for the used option and get one, albeit from 2008, for as little as $6,400.

MP3 500 Sport Trikes

The MP3 500 from Piaggio is another model with two wheels in front and one wheel in the back while featuring a minimalist aesthetic and an affordable price tag - just $9,200 for a new model. It is an overall ergonomic and nimble motorcycle, with ABS assistance and traction control included by default.

It also includes plenty of electronic aids, such as a multimedia platform. These bikes are popular amongst riders due to their relative newness and low price tag. Some MP3 500’s can be found for less than $6,000.

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Trikes

Don’t forget arguably the world’s most famous manufacturer of motorcycles. This brand has several high-quality freewheeler trikes. New models will cost well upwards of $26,000, but these three-wheeled bikes are entirely worth it due to their cool black aesthetics, high-quality materials, and excellent sound.

If you are looking to save some cash but plan to purchase a bike with that classic Harley-Davidson style, you can find used bikes for much lower, even as low as $12,500.