T-Rex Motorcycle For Sale

T-Rex motorcycles are a specific type of three-wheel, side-by-side motorcycles manufactured only by the Canadian company Campagna. This now-defunct motorcycle manufacturer no longer produces new vehicles, but you can still find T-Rex motorcycles for sale at various online listings. 

The T-Rex motorbike is one of the most popular trikes worldwide for its fun, stability, and unique appearance. Why bother? Simply put, T-Rex trikes or motorbikes are visually distinct and quite memorable when you see one on the road.

Each bike sports two tires in front and one tire at the rear. T-Rex motorcycles are designed more for fun and adrenaline rather than pure practicality or energy-efficient cruising.

T-Rex Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

T-Rex motorcycles are two-seaters by design, making them great for going out on a ride with a friend or partner. Cockpits are typically ergonomically designed, but you should still specifically look for T-Rex motorbikes that include comfortable seating and responsive controls. The unique design of T-Rex trikes makes them more challenging to handle than average, especially if you don’t have any experience driving trikes at all.

Each T-Rex trike will come with a driveline and six-speed manual transmission regardless of the exact model. You get plenty of control over the motorbike's full power. When looking for a newer trike, remember that Campagna is closing its doors. As a result, the company no longer produces new T-Rex motorcycles, so be sure to keep the paint job and aesthetic in mind.

Things To Look For When Buying A Used T-Rex Motorcycle

Here is the main thing about buying a used T-Rex motorcycle; you need to check its wear and tear before purchasing. These bikes are designed to be three-wheelers by default, so you don't need to worry about two-wheeled bikes altered with subpar conversion kits ruining your time or wasting your money.

However, keep these factors in mind when examining a used motorcycle to ensure you make an informed purchase, and you can enjoy your bike for years to come:

  • Check the speakers and audio system of the bike in question. T-Rex motorcycles were made with high-quality 180W audio systems, designed for iPod/iPhone, Bluetooth, and AUX compatibility. The sound system is one of the prominent selling features of this motorcycle type, and you will surely want to listen to your favorite tunes while driving around.
  • Check the previously mentioned six-speed manual transmission. The manual design means that it might have undergone a lot of wear and tear with its previous owner - which can make your driving experience less than stellar if the bike needs some maintenance or repairs.
  • Explore the cockpit and seating for comfort and flexibility. Some T-Rex cockpits were designed for smaller riders, and those with long legs may have difficulty entering and exiting the vehicle. 
  • Get a feel of the trike’s steering wheel, which is similar to that of a regular car as opposed to the handlebars you would expect from a standard motorcycle.

Where To Find A T-Rex Motorcycle

These days, T-Rex motorcycles are primarily found from private sellers or on online listing sites.

When buying a T-Rex motorcycle, be sure to keep the price in mind. Newer trikes of this design can quickly run you well over $50,000 or more. It is no stretch to say you could buy a car for the same cost as this iconic (if rather odd-looking) motorbike.

Used T-Rex motorcycles are essentially your only option these days. Campagna no longer makes these motorcycles or any motorcycles as it is closing down. Therefore, “new” ones will only be relatively so compared to trikes that have been on the road for some years.

Your best bet is to check used motorcycle listings like CycleTrader or more general listings like Oodle Marketplace. Let us take a look at the prices you can expect to pay both for “new” and used T-Rex motorcycles.

Campagna T-Rex 16S P

This performance T-Rex motorcycle was one of the most popular Campagna products back in the day. Featuring 160 horsepower and weighing just under 1,200 pounds, it is an excellent cruising vehicle. It can potentially be found in a few different colors, although you are limited in what you will find since most of the bikes were made in bright or neon shades.

Regardless, each motorcycle is powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine, ensuring excellent power and a smooth ride no matter what terrain you take the vehicle on. These motorcycles are constructed with lightweight composite materials, including high-tech alloys, such as carbon fiber.

The bikes are well known for their consistent road feedback and smooth handling. You can find used T-Rex 16S P’s for around $46,000 on specific used listing sites.

2008 Campagna Silence T-Rex

This older style of T-Rex motorcycle is one of the easiest to find in used markets because of its age and affordability. Unlike other T-Rex motorcycles, this model is powered by an electric battery, ensuring much of the “silence” implied by its name.

These trikes feature extremely compact lithium batteries, and they can provide over 135 hp. The rears of these trikes are designed for sleekness and to cover the powertrain, boosting the bike's aesthetics overall. Most of these trikes can be found in blue or green, although you might see used models in different shades.

Expect to pay $8,000 or so to find a used Silence T-Rex.

2012 Campagna T-Rex 14R

You might end up being grateful that you can only find these trikes in used condition, as they were initially sold for nearly $60,000 brand new! These days, you can find them for as low as $6,000 or so, which is quite the steal.

These heavy yet powerful vehicles sit pretty low to the ground and have a partly open roof that includes narrow roof beams and pillars to frame windshields or side glasses left out of the default model. Each trike has large door apertures and plenty of room on the interior for yourself and the passenger. These are comfort cruisers above all else.