Spyder Motorcycle For Sale

Contrary to what their name may suggest, Spyder motorcycles don’t feature eight wheels. But they are unique, three-wheel motorcycles manufactured exclusively by Can-Am, a smaller subsidiary company of Bombardier Recreational Products.

Unlike many classic three-wheel motorcycles or "trikes," Spyder motorcycles feature two wheels in front and one wheel in back. In this way, they sort of look like snowmobiles and bear some resemblance to classic ATVs, thanks to their minimal chassis and low seating positions.

These bikes were first manufactured in 2007, and they have remained in production ever since. 

Spyder Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

Spyders are popular in part because of their customization options. Most of them come with quality traction and stability controls, in addition to anti-locking brakes. They are also famous for their extra luggage space under the hood, allowing off-roaders or adventurers to store their gear conveniently. Depending on your chosen model, your Spyder might also have power steering and electric shift transmission options.

Currently, there are three production models of Spyder motorcycles, including:

  • The Can-Am Ryker series is a recreational and more affordable version of the classic Spyder. These usually feature 600cc or 900cc engines.
  • The Spyder F3 series is a sport-cruising variant. This model includes feet forward upright seating, generally regarded as comfortable thanks to its cruiser-design focus.
  • The Spyder RT series is ideal for touring the country’s freeways. It integrates a top case and saddlebags for extra storage space.

Additionally, two discontinued Spyder lines are still available in small numbers from private sellers or motorcycle listing websites. 

  • The Spyder RS series was a sporty mix of the Ryker and F3 models. It has a low seating position and a sleek aesthetic but was unfortunately discontinued in 2016.
  • The Spyder ST series was a kind of hybrid bike for both sports performance and touring. It features removable saddlebags and an upright seat. Yet like the RS Series, the ST was also discontinued in 2016.

If You Are Buying a Used Motorcycle

You will likely find several affordable used Spyder trikes on the market, depending on where you look. However, you will want to keep a few significant factors in mind before purchasing:

  • Be sure to take a look at the bike’s drive belt. Ideally, the drive belt will be about a thumbnail's width of the pulley’s inner flange. Check the drive belt for damage from tiny stones and other wear and tear, as well.
  • Naturally, you should check the oil. Low-mileage used bikes may only have had the initial oil servicing done, so the oil may need to be changed.
  • Check out the rear suspension. Spyders have their air valves under the seats and on the right-hand side of their chassis. The used Spyder should have a toolkit hooked to the bottom of its seat, and with luck, it will have an air pressure gauge so that you can take a reading from the air valve.
  • It is also not a bad idea to take a used Spyder out for a test drive. Remember, this is a trike, so it will handle differently than a traditional two-wheeled bike.
  • To that end, investigate the steering column and make sure that it doesn’t require too much effort to turn the trike left or right.

Where to Find a Spyder Motorcycle

Spyder motorcycles can be purchased either from Can-Am itself or from major dealers in your area. However, these aren’t as common as “traditional” motorcycles. Therefore, your options for new bikes that you can drive off the lot to your home will likely be limited unless you live in a central metropolitan area.

Alternatively, you can check out used Spyder motorcycles by investigating online listing sites, including Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and CycleTrader. Prices can vary wildly, especially for used trikes; let us show you some of the prices you might see in your search for an ideal used Spyder.

Can-Am Ryker Spyders

Can-Am’s Ryker line of Spyder motorcycles starts at $8,799. These are the basic modern models and a great place to start if you haven’t driven a trike before or want to ease into owning a Spyder for the first time.

The machines are low-cost and low-maintenance compared to other trikes geared towards urban riders. You have the option of choosing between a 600cc or 900cc engine, but all the trikes come with automatic CVT transmissions. A Ryker offers tool-free adjustability and various options for customizing the bike.

Due to their already reasonable pricing, you will only find used ones for slightly lower prices, often around $7,500. 

Can-Am F3 Spyders

The most modern line of Spyders is the F3 collection, which starts at $15,999. These feature a much bolder and more muscular design, which results in a more intimidating vehicle that will nonetheless be popular among more experienced motorcyclists.

These bikes come with in-line triple Rotax 1330 ACE engines, offering 105 hp and semiautomatic transmission. You will also enjoy vehicle-stability controls, plus a specialized “eco-mode” that can help you save gas if you are trying to race your way to work or on the freeway. Used Spyder F3s can be found for $10,000 or so.

Can-Am Spyder RTs

The last modern Can-Am Spyder line is the RT collection, which starts at $23,300. Many believe these motorcycles to have the most contemporary aesthetic, though it is ultimately down to personal preference. Regardless, the RT Spyders are worthwhile for various reasons, including a 1330cc engine that provides 115 hp.

These bikes also come with semiautomatic transmissions, the vehicle stability controls mentioned above, and the same eco-mode. In addition, the bikes come with 31 gallons of storage capacity and a six-speaker audio system, making them perfect for cruising and listening to your favorite tunes while on the road. The 7.5 inch LCD rounds out its amenities.

Used Spyder RTs are rarer than the alternatives, often found listed at higher prices than new bikes at approximately $20,000.