Sherp ATV For Sale

Established in 2012, the Ukrainian-based company Sherp is a relatively new competitor in the off-road vehicle industry. However, since its inception, it has been creating huge waves in the ATV world. 

All-terrain vehicles are known for their ability to cross challenging trails and mountain paths, but the ATVs Sherp takes the core concept to an entirely new level. With Sherp, you don’t follow the set paths; you create your own. 

Sherp ATVs look like a box surrounded by massive wheels — a perfect design for traversing any type of terrain. There is no mountain too high or river too deep — Sherp’s are hermetically sealed and float when traveling through water. 

While premium car manufacturers charge for luxury and speed, Sherp has to charge for off-road capabilities. Their ATVs are ten times more expensive than any conventional model, placing them out of reach for the average enthusiast. However, those working or living in the most extreme environments can get far more value out of a Sherp ATV than the average truck.

Sherp Pro 1000

It is pretty difficult to call the Pro 1000 Sherp an entry-level model, as its capabilities far surpass the best models of other manufacturers. Built to conquer uncharted lands, Pro 1000 can overcome tree trunks, boulders, and other obstacles up to three feet in height. Grades up to 35 degrees can be crossed with ease in either direction. 

On land, Pro 1000 can achieve a top speed of 25 miles per hour. It moves at a respectable 3.7 mph through water, fast enough to cross any creek or river. As it consumes less than a gallon of fuel per hour, Pro 1000 can run for up to 115 hours on a single tank of gas. 

The High-torque diesel, pressure-adjustable tires, and state-of-the-art suspension are built from the ground up, making them as easy to maintain and repair as possible. Its aluminum body and galvanized frame will withstand rust, impacts, and off-road wear. 

The interior comfortably accommodates six passengers, and it has an ergonomic, high-visibility driving position. A 2,204-pound load limit is more than enough for long-distance expeditions or equipment transportation. Those who can afford and use the Sherp Pro 1000 to its full extent will quickly realize it is just as thrilling as any sports car. 

Sherp N 1200

Once the Ukrainian engineers at Sherp created the Pro 1000, they decided they could do even better. The N 1200 model is bigger and more powerful, and it is an ideal vehicle for geologists, hunters, and workers in the most extreme conditions. 

The Doosan D18 is the new eco-friendly engine that can match the speed of Pro 1000 both on land and in the water - despite the increased weight and size of the vehicle. In addition, its carrying capacity is significantly increased, up to 2,645 pounds.

The interior of the N 1200 can accommodate six passengers in full-sized seats with 3-point seat belts and can easily change into a bench configuration with 2-point seat belts, increasing the maximum passenger capacity to nine. A 25-gallon fuel tank is paired with four 15 gallon canisters to deliver 65 hours of fuel autonomy, equating to roughly 1.3 gallons per hour.

Sherp vehicles are already highly specialized, niche products, and most will find the Pro 1000 to be more capable than they will ever dare to push it. For those who venture into the most extreme parts of deserts and the arctic, the high tolerance to temperature changes offered by the N 1200 is a must. 

Sherp the Ark 3400

The Ark 3400 is the apex of four-wheeled transportation. The composition consists of two units working together in unison. The head unit is connected to the rear unit using a 3-axis articulated steering system, enabling it to overcome multi-level obstacles and abrupt terrain shifts. The rear unit is modular and customizable — whether you need a people carrier, universal loading platform, sleeping quarters, or anything you can think of — Sherp will accomodate your requirements to create an ideal vehicle.

The Doosan D24 engine isn’t built for speed but rather for power and efficiency. Using 2-3 gallons per hour, the Ark 3400 can run for 82 hours, traverse land at up to 18.6 mph, or move through water at just under 4 mph. Though it is a composition, the Ark can handle 40 degrees of incline or descent and overcome obstacles up to five feet tall.

To say you can do anything with the Ark 3400 is not far from the truth. For the true pioneers, researchers, and modern explorers, this ATV will be more than just a vehicle; it will become a lifeline and the only thing connecting them to the civilized world. As a result, it is built to meet the most scrutinized standards and top quality you can depend on.

Best Place to Buy a Sherp ATV

The exclusivity of Sherp vehicles means there are few dealerships within most regions. However, most of the East Coast and the Northern States are covered. Take a look at the official Sherp map and find the nearest dealership. 

Another option is Sherp ATV sales, a dealership with two test tracks in Florida and one test track in Georgia. Book a test drive and see for yourself just how powerful these vehicles are. No video or presentation will ever compare to a real-life test. Whether you decide to buy it or not, driving a Sherp ATV will be a memorable experience.