Scrambler Motorcycle For Sale

The Ducati Scrambler refers to two entirely different types of motorcycles. The original Ducati Scramblers were a series of single-cylinder dirt bikes manufactured between 1962 and 1970. They came with displacements between 250cc and 450cc and were engineered to be as narrow as possible for dirt track racing. 

In 2015, Ducati debuted a new line of reimagined Scrambler motorcycles. These are street-legal bikes that marry a classic look with 21st-century performance. Here is everything you need to know about buying one of these newer Ducati Scramblers.

Ducati Scrambler Buyer’s Guide

While the original Scrambler used a single-cylinder engine, the newer scrambler is a standard V-twin. The base model, as well as the majority of other variants, utilize a sporty 803cc motor. However, the miniature Scrambler Sixty2 has a 39cc engine instead.

Starting in 2018, Ducati began offering a line of larger, 1079cc motorcycles; the Scrambler 1100, 1100 Special, and 1100 Sport. These motorcycles came with traction control, a fuel gauge, and multiple riding modes. In 2019, Ducati started offering these same features on the 803cc Scrambler models, as well. In that same year, they also added a hydronic clutch.

Buying A Used Scrambler

Buying a new motorcycle is pretty straightforward. You look at the features, you choose the model you want, and you place your order. But when you are buying used, you need to be sure the bike has been well-maintained. Otherwise, you could end up with premature part failures and high repair bills. Before you buy, take a look at the following parts:

  • First and foremost, look at the forks and the frame. These are the most expensive parts to repair or replace. Rusty or pitted forks will prematurely wear your fork seals, which leads to leaks. If there is any rust or pitting at all, don’t buy the bike. With the frame, you can be a bit more forgiving. Minor to moderate rust can be sanded out and repainted. You should expect a lower price for a bike with this kind of rust, but it is not a deal-breaker. A bent or badly-pitted frame, on the other hand, is not worth the money.
  • Look in the gas tank. If you see rust or amber-colored debris in the gas, you know it has been sitting for a while. Ethanol gas can cause sediment to build up and even attract water, which can lead to rust. Also, you will almost certainly need a fuel injector cleaning.
  • When you are checking the gas, check the oil, as well. Fresh oil is semi-transparent, golden or amber in color, and feels buttery. Dirty oil is opaque, black, and may even feel gritty. There is nothing wrong with dirty oil per se. You can always change the oil. But checking the oil is a good way to judge how well the seller has managed other aspects of maintenance.
  • Check the brakes to make sure they operate smoothly. Roll the motorcycle forward and press the pedal. Do the same thing, and pull the handle to check the front brake. Also, you will want to check the clutch cable to ensure a smooth rate of travel.
  • Finally, take a good look at the tires. Tires can be easily replaced, but you want to know how soon the bike needs such replacements. Check for dry rot, sidewall damage, and flat spots in particular, as these can form when a motorcycle is left in storage.

The Best Places To Buy A Scrambler Motorcycle

The best place to buy a Ducati Scrambler depends on whether you are buying new or used. If you are buying new, call your local Ducati dealer for pricing. If there are multiple dealerships in your area, try contacting a few of them. They may offer different prices, so you can potentially get a better deal.

If you are buying used, online marketplaces like Cycletrader are the best place to look nowadays. The good news is that Scramblers hold their value quite well, at least for a relatively young model. The bad news is that you won’t save as much as you might expect by buying used.

803cc Scrambler Models

As we discussed, the majority of Ducati Scrambler motorcycles fall into the 803cc category. The Icon is the standard model and starts at $9,695. The Café Racer has similar specifications but offers dual exhaust and a colorful frame, with prices starting at $11,995. The Full Throttle variant fits somewhere between the two and starts at $10,995. These are all traditional street bikes, with some minor variations.

The Desert Sled (MSRP $11,995) and Desert Sled Fasthouse ($12,295) are street-legal bikes engineered primarily for off-road use. They offer similar performance, but the Fasthouse boasts more chrome and a colored frame.

The Scrambler Nightshift is as close as you will see to a Ducati cruiser. It sports a medium-height seat, a blacked-out color scheme, and brilliant LED lighting. Pricing varies based on options but starts at $10,995.

Scrambler Sixty2

The Scrambler Sixty2 is similar in build to the Icon. It is a slim street bike with a single exhaust and a seating or two. However, it is noticeably smaller, as it befits its 399cc engine. The price tag is also smaller, starting at only $7,995.

The Sixty2 is a popular bike for city riding. Like most small bikes, it is fun to ride at lower speeds, where big hogs can feel sluggish. That said, its performance will noticeably suffer from a larger rider and passenger.

1079cc Scrambler Models

The Scrambler 1100 motorcycles come with a 1079cc motor instead of the standard 803cc. They also have correspondingly longer frames. The base model 1100 costs $12,995 brand-new and provides 86 hp and 65 foot-pounds of torque. The enhanced 1100 Special has the same motor and performance but incorporates expanded under-seat storage with a built-in USB charger. It costs $14,435.

Other variants are designed with a focus on cosmetics and fuel efficiency . The Scrambler 1100 Pro is virtually identical to the standard 1100. However, it meets the Euro 5 efficiency standard, which pushes the price to $13,495. The 1100 Sport, with an MSRP of $15,095, is a blacked-out version of the 1100 Special, complete with gold highlights. At $15,495, the 1100 Sport Pro is the most expensive Scrambler. It has all the benefits of the 1100 Sport, along with the 1100 Pro’s fuel efficiency.