Rokon Motorcycle For Sale

There are many motorcycle manufacturers throughout the world, each with its own unique benefits. But most manufacturers produce bikes in the same set of styles, including cruisers, sportbikes, street bikes, enduros, etc. With many beautiful models for enthusiasts to explore, few of them are truly unique. But Rokon is one of those few. 

Founded in Vermont in 1963, Rokon originally sold one motorcycle: the Trail-Breaker. Previously manufactured by California-based Nethercutt, the Trail-Breaker was a two-wheel-drive motorcycle designed for off-road use. However, this wasn’t a mere dirt bike. It had wide, chunky tires and a low riding position. As its name implies, it doesn’t just follow trails; it breaks them.

Rokon motorcycles use a variety of drive types to deliver power to the front and rear wheels simultaneously. Their earlier models utilized a 134cc West Bend motor, while newer models use Honda and Kohler motors. In addition to the main gas tanks, the wheels are hollow and serve as 2.5-gallon reserve tanks for longer outings.

Designed to tackle even the worst terrain, Rokon bikes are engineered entirely for torque. The actual top speed is 20 MPH on most models, although some can achieve 35 MPH. Due to various design features, most Rokon motorcycles are not street-legal in the United States. The lone exception is the Ranger, which is designed specifically as a dual-use bike.

Rokon Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

As of 2021, Rokon produces six models of motorcycle: the Trail-Breaker, the Mototractor, the Rokon for Preppers, the Rokon for Hunters, the Scout, and the Ranger.

The Trail-Breaker is their original model, and it is still in production today. It is used by the United States military, as well as dozens of state wildlife management agencies. Features include a front storage rack, a flat passenger seat with tie-downs on the side, and a pull-start engine.

The Mototractor is designed for hauling and towing. It sports chunkier tires for better grip and ditches the rear passenger seat for a large, 12” x 32” cargo rack. It also has a beefed-up front fender that does a better job of deflecting scrub and tall grass. The downside of all these features is that there is no way to carry a passenger. But depending on your application, that may never be an issue.

The Rokon for Preppers is a specially equipped Rokon with additional survival-oriented features. Two-ply non-directional tires and an equipped maintenance kit ensure you won’t get stranded. There is a built-in electrical outlet for charging your devices and additional storage with pre-attached solid panniers.

The Rokon for Hunters is another variant on the Trail-Breaker but oriented towards hunters. It is essentially the original Trail-Breaker, but with a camo color scheme and protected hand grips.

The Scout is a stripped-down Rokon motorcycle that is designed to be as lightweight as possible. The frame is smaller in all dimensions, but you still get the same powerful motor and drivetrain as the standard Trail-Breaker. On the downside, the Scout has standard rims, so you lose your backup tanks.

The Ranger is Rokon’s street-legal model and comes with a modified drivetrain capable of propelling the bike at 37 MPH. Other modifications include DOT-approved tires, turn signals, and side-view mirrors. The brakes are also more powerful because of the Ranger’s higher maximum speed. Finally, the Ranger can be purchased in California, while other Rokons are not available.

The Best Places To Buy A Rokon Motorcycle

If you are looking at buying a new Rokon, you need to contact them online or call them at 1 (800) 593-2369. You can also visit their showroom in Rochester, New Hampshire if you happen to be in the area. However, they don’t have a national dealer network. They also won’t deliver to California unless you are buying a Ranger.

Your best bet in finding a used Rokon is to look at online marketplaces like CycleTrader or even Facebook Marketplace. Most models are readily available, although they hold their value very well, with the exception of the Ranger. For that reason, there is less incentive to buy used than there is for most motorcycles.


Almost 60 years later, the Trail-Breaker is still the mainstay of Rokon’s lineup. And while the engine and drivetrain have changed a lot over the years, the frame and look are virtually unchanged. You can buy a Rokon Trail-Breaker for $8,075 brand-new. Used Trail-Breakers typically start at around $6,000.


The Mototractor is another popular Rokon motorcycle, primarily because of its large size and power. Short of a UTV, you won’t find any off-road vehicle with this much torque. The Mototractor can go many places a typical UTV cannot reach. A new 2021 Rokon Mototractor retails for $8,775. Used ones are harder to find and don’t cost much less; they start at about $7,000.

Rokon for Preppers and Hunters

As you might imagine, the Rokon for Preppers is one of Rokon’s pricier models. It will cost you a cool $8,875 brand-new, but that is a bargain when you consider all the features. The Rokon for Hunters costs $8,375, which is less than the Mototractor but still $300 more than the Trail-Breaker’s retail price.

Both of these models are hard to find on the used market, which makes sense because they are relatively new additions to Rokon’s lineup. They are also fairly specific. If someone is buying one of these motorcycles, chances are they will use it for a long time. That said, it never hurts to keep an eye on the online listings. If you are not in a hurry, one will eventually pop up.


The Rokon Scout is their most affordable model. At only $7,275, it is $800 cheaper than the Trail-Breaker. Like the Rokons for Preppers and Hunters, the Scout is tough to find on the used market. But at this price, buying new isn’t much of an imposition.


The Rokon Ranger costs $8,875 brand-new, as much as the Rokon for Preppers. The higher price makes sense when you consider all the added parts needed to make the bike street-legal. The Ranger also loses value more like a road bike and less like an off-road vehicle. You can find used Rangers for as little as $5,000.