Ranger ATV For Sale

Polaris is widely known for its quality ATVs and UTVs, and one of its most popular lines is the Ranger series. Ranger ATVs are technically UTVs, as they always seat at least two people at a time. Regardless, Ranger ATVs have been around for over twenty years at this point and are one of Polaris's best lines of vehicles even today. 

The original Ranger series began with a focus on a protective crash cage for occupants and a hauling bed for transporting equipment in the back. The bed came with tiltable functionality so that drivers could transport material like gravel or cement easily. The original Ranger came out in 1999, and it featured six wheels and a top speed of merely 25 mph.

Over time, Polaris adjusted the line of ATVs and iterated upon the core idea. The modern 2021 Ranger has a variety of exciting upgrades but still retains the primary attributes of a two-seater cab and a bed in the rear of the vehicle for transporting equipment from place to place. Unlike its original iteration, the 2021 Ranger has only four wheels rather than six wheels, allowing it to navigate narrower trails than its predecessors.

Today, the Polaris Ranger series is widely regarded as a fantastic ATV line for ranchers, farmers, and even people on construction sites who need to get materials from place to place quickly. These vehicles are reliable, versatile, and long-lasting.

Ranger ATV Buyer’s Guide

Although Ranger ATVs are often thought of as solid, “workhorse” ATVs, there are several significant factors you should consider before buying to ensure you get the best ATV for your needs.

  • Consider the horsepower and engine speed you need in a vehicle before purchasing. Later models of Ranger ATVs are typically more powerful, so they will perform better in off-road environments or accommodate heavier loads without difficulty.
  • Storage capacity. Again, later years of the Ranger ATVs have greater in-cabin and back storage. For example, the 2019 Ranger has nearly 2,000 pounds of payload capacity and 2,500 pounds of towing capacity, which is far superior to earlier models of the vehicle.
  • Cabin style. Earlier Ranger ATVs had open-air cabins, while newer models have closed cabins that can protect the driver and another passenger from the elements.
  • Price. Naturally, the advancements made with later Ranger models have led to price increases.

4 Wheels vs. 6 Wheels

Earlier models of the Ranger ATVs had six wheels rather than four wheels. Both wheel styles can work, although four wheels are generally superior for traversing off-road environments with agility. Having four wheels allows the vehicles to navigate through dirt trails or narrow spaces more efficiently, while six wheels provide a little more torque and climbing power.

Of course, the earlier Ranger ATVs will be cheaper and will come with six wheels. Ultimately, you might decide between these two factors simply based on price range. 

The Best Places to Buy Ranger ATVs

You can buy the newest model of Ranger ATVs from Polaris's website or visit one of their partnered dealerships to pick up a vehicle in person. If you choose to buy a used Ranger ATV, you will be able to find a budget-friendly deal if you purchase a model from an earlier year.

You can either buy Rangers in person or online listing sites, such as Craigslist and ATVtrader.com. We recommend checking out a used Ranger ATV in person before buying, as you will be able to detect any mechanical issues if they are present.

Polaris Ranger SP 570 ATVs

One of the most basic Ranger ATVs available, the SP 570, is available for $10,499 if you prefer the 2021 model. It includes a 44 hp engine, 1,500 pounds of towing capacity, and a 500-pound gas assist dump box. This allows you to transport equipment and supplies from place to place easily. It features a comfortable cabin for two people and durable tires that will enable you to ride over rough terrain without trepidation.

The SP 570 is also a fairly agile ATV, with good handling and solid maneuverability in tight spaces. Used Ranger 570s can be purchased for as little as $7,209, although these units are several years old and do not have all the features described above.

Polaris Ranger EV ATVs

The Ranger EV ATV is the line’s electric model, so it doesn’t guzzle gas or make as much noise as its counterparts. New 2021 models can be picked up for $12,499, and they come in two different color options.

Regardless, each one features a 30 hp, 48 V, high-efficiency electric motor with 1,000 pounds of payload capacity and 1,500 pounds of towing capacity. These vehicles can also accommodate two people at once and are 58 inches wide. They are smooth side-by-side vehicles designed for recreation and light cargo transportation.

Used Ranger EV ATVs can be found for $11,600.

Polaris Ranger 1000 ATVs

The Ranger 1000 is a three-person ATV that starts at $13,399. Also available in a few colors, this advanced ATV comes with an electronic power steering option, large steel bumpers that you can combine with plows and winches, and massive tires perfect for navigating over rough terrain.

This vehicle also has towing capacities of 2,500 pounds and 12.5 inches of ground clearance. As a workhorse ATV, it was designed for rider comfort and increased durability. The semi-enclosed cabin offers protection from the elements, as well. Used Ranger 1000s can be picked up for nearly the same price as new vehicles.

Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 ATVs

The Ranger Crew XP 1000 ATV is one of this line’s most advanced, and it starts at $19,099 for current model year vehicles. Available in several color and trim options, these ATVs feature 11-inch suspensions, three modes for throttle control, and 2,500 pounds of towing capacity. Their motors, meanwhile, can reach up to 82 hp.

By default, these vehicles can fit four people comfortably, and they come with armored tires for increased durability and better navigation over rough terrain. Used XP 1000’s can be purchased for $16,499.