Racing ATV For Sale

Some people use ATVs as their recreational utility, and ATVs allow you to bring several people and some equipment to a campsite or down an off-road trail. Other people use ATVs for moving supplies or tools from place to place on their farm or ranch.

However, other ATVs, such as sport ATVs or racing ATVs, are designed more for speed, performance, and a slick aesthetic that will look great on an ATV racetrack. Racing ATVs are distinct from other ATV types in their engine construction and overall features or functionality.

Unlike other ATVs, racing ATVs are lightweight, maneuverable, and have tires designed for speed and tight corner turning rather than ultimate durability. If you want to participate in an ATV race and make good time, you will need a racing ATV that is up to snuff.

Racing ATV Buyer’s Guide

Racing ATVs are high-performance machines that focus on a few major attributes, such as precision handling, top-tier suspension performance, speed, and acceleration capability. To that end, these machines will require a little more experience than other ATV types in order to be handled safely.

Depending on the racing quad you purchase, you may find 4WD models that are great for racing on trails or rear-wheel drive models better for racing on paved tracks, open deserts, or motocross tracks.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many racing ATVs are built with manual transmissions. You can now find multiple racing ATVs with automatic transmissions, but manual transmissions are still the norm. Ensure that you know how to use a manual transmission before purchasing a racing ATV that has one.

What To Look For In A Racing ATV

There are dozens of different quality racing ATVs to choose from. For the best results, you would want to focus on several significant factors when purchasing a racing ATV, including:

  • Weight: Typically, lighter racing ATVs are better as they move faster on the track than heavier racing ATVs.
  • Performance: Many racing ATVs can reach speeds of over 80 mph or even faster. Therefore, you shouldn’t purchase an ATV for racing if it can’t reach this benchmark.
  • Suspension: Good racing ATVs will have high-quality suspensions to minimize impact vibrations and to make them easier to handle, particularly when taking them on jumps or taking around tight corners.
  • Handlebar design and driveshaft quality: To race an ATV effectively, you will need to be able to take tight corners and maneuver the quad carefully. Be sure that the racing ATV you choose has high-quality handlebars and a good driveshaft.
  • Brakes: A good racing ATV needs brakes that you can rely on so you can both slow down to turn tight corners and also stop quickly.

Many of the best racing ATV manufacturers include Yamaha, Can-Am, and Polaris, each producing several sport or racing ATV models.

The Best Places To Buy Racing ATVs

As mentioned above, you can buy racing ATVs from major ATV manufacturers like Yamaha and Polaris. Either visit the manufacturer’s website or visit a local partnered dealership in your area to pick up a quad in person.

Alternatively, you can usually find older and used racing ATVs in good condition from online marketplaces, such as and Craigslist. If you choose to purchase a used racing ATV, be sure to do a thorough inspection. Specifically, check the brakes, suspension, and engine before buying.

That way, you will avoid accidentally purchasing a defective unit that will cause more trouble than it is worth.

Yamaha YFZ450 ATVs

Yamaha is arguably the dominant manufacturer for racing ATVs, and their YFZ450 ATVs are among the most popular on the market for their performance and speed. They start at $9,499 and are supposedly race-ready as soon as they arrive at your door.

These high-performance ATVs feature 449cc liquid-cooled and four-stroke engines with five titanium valves. They also have proprietary Yamaha fuel-injection systems, transition-controlled ignition systems, and five-speed manual transmissions for maximum user control. Used and earlier models of this ATV can be picked up for much less, around $5,500.

Yamaha Raptor 700 ATVs

Yamaha’s Raptor series of racing ATVs are also a great choice. The 700 model is sleek and streamlined, and the price starts at $8,499, offering a more budget-balanced option for racers and ATV enthusiasts that prioritize performance above all else.

It comes with a 686cc liquid-cooled and four-stroke engine, an electric starting system, and a five-speed transmission. However, this transmission is improved by a reverse setting, as well as a wet multi-plate clutch. Used Raptor 700s can be found on online marketplaces for as little as $6,495.

Polaris Scrambler 850 ATVs

The Polaris Scrambler 850 is the newest iteration in this manufacturer’s Scrambler series, and it offers robust durability and high-speed performance for racers and off-road trailblazers. This ATV starts at $10,899, and it is only available in a single color.

However, it is also designed with a sport-sculpted seat that increases comfort and reduces your leg fatigue. The motor can produce 70 hp, and it comes with a sport-tuned independent rear suspension system for added performance and stability. The aggressive and durable tires feature 14-inch steel rims, and the driver can select electronic power steering if they desire. Used Scrambler 850 ATVs can be picked up for $8,718.

Can-Am Renegade 1000R X MR ATVs

A bigger and more durable racing ATV than many slimmer, sleeker options, the Can-Ram Renegade 1000R X MR ATV is still an excellent choice for racing, particularly on off-road or dirt tracks. This powerful ATV starts at $8,449, and it comes with a 91 hp engine and proprietary, durable “FOX” shocks. The wheels are made to withstand significant wear and tear, and the ATV comes with a front bumper and skid plates.

Used Renegade 1000R X MR ATVs can be picked up for around the same price as new vehicles due to aftermarket modifications made by their current owners.