PUG UTV For Sale

PUG is a UTV company that many people may not be familiar with. It is a moderately small manufacturer that makes all of its vehicles in the United States in partnership with Frog Pong Manufacturing and Inc. While PUG is relatively small, they produce a solid line of UTVs ideal for farmers, ranchers, or anyone who needs to transport equipment in rugged terrain.

PUG’s UTVs are all based on the same primary vehicle model, which first appeared several years ago. Today, modern PUG UTVs utilize a Kohler Command Pro Series engine, an air-cooled, V-twin, four-stroke model that uses two cylinders and pressurized lubrication to produce up to 21 hp. 

In addition, each PUG UTV has an 8-gallon fuel capacity at a minimum and five gears, including four forward and one reverse. The four-speed manual transmission and twin seating buckets make PUG UTVs sturdy and reliable vehicles for those with a lot of ground to cover while laden with a full load of supplies or gear.

Every PUG UTV features an automatic flatbed compartment in the back that can be tilted up or down to facilitate quick loading and unloading of materials, such as sand, cement, and gravel. The flatbed is the prominent distinguishing feature of these UTVs compared to their competition. Because of this design element, PUG UTVs have wheels that are separated farther from one another than other UTVs on the market.

PUG UTV Buyer’s Guide

Buying a PUG UTV is relatively straightforward since there aren’t dozens of different models to research. Instead, PUG’s primary offering is its Badlands series of UTVs, with earlier models constructed from 2006 or earlier.

The modern UTV is the 2020 series, which features the same engine described above and a five-speed manual transmission. There aren’t many choices to make in terms of vehicle specifications or features. Fortunately, each PUG UTV comes with a six-month manufacturer warranty that covers any issues front to back, which allows you to get a refund or replacement if the vehicle you receive isn’t as good as advertised.

How To Know If A PUG UTV Is Right For You

Ultimately, all you need to decide when shopping for a new UTV is whether you need an automatic flatbed you can tilt up or down to unload various materials or supplies rapidly. If you do, a PUG UTV could be right up your alley. If you don’t, there are plenty of other ATVs and UTVs out there that feature more powerful engines, extra seats, and other features that might make them more worth your time and money.

Furthermore, PUG’s are produced relatively slowly and take several weeks or even months to be shipped to your location. As a result, these specialized UTVs are indeed only worthwhile for farmers and ranchers that will make the most out of the flatbed.

This is by design. PUG is a small company that isn’t interested in competing with the major UTV manufacturers out there.

The Best Places To Buy PUG UTVs

The best place to buy a PUG UTV by far is straight from the manufacturer’s website. You can purchase new versions of the latest year model and purchase used vehicles that the manufacturer has received from previous owners.

Since the manufacturer knows these vehicles inside and out, buying a used UTV from them could be a good idea. They will check for any mechanical defects and perform their own repairs before selling used vehicles from earlier years to customers.

However, you can sometimes find used PUG UTVs from certain listings websites, like MotorSportsUniverse.com. Note, you may have to wait some weeks or months for the UTV year model you prefer to pop up. However, keep in mind that each PUG UTV is essentially the same, featuring core engine components and transmissions that are nearly identical. They are primarily different in seat material, color options, and a few other minor factors.

The PUG Badlands UTV

PUG’s primary offering is the Badlands utility vehicle. Many of the specifications for this vehicle are already listed above. However, the 2020 Badlands UTV has a few differences and specific features to take note of.

For example, it is well-known for its high torque potential, making the Badlands great for surmounting slippery or muddy terrain. It also has a 21 hp engine and a five-speed manual transmission. You will need to know how to use a manual transmission to make the most out of this vehicle's abilities.

The flatbed connected to the vehicle has 2,000 pounds worth of capacity for both dumping and hauling. You will be able to load cement, dirt, gravel, or any other loose materials you might need to transport relatively easily. In addition to all these aspects, it comes with four color options you can choose from: red, white, regular green, and olive green.

Also included are several safety features, such as seatbelts and rollover protection. The 2020 model comes with two bucket seats and hood shocks that can protect you and another passenger and provide more comfort during your ride.

The vehicle starts at $28,400 but also includes the six-month bumper-to-bumper warranty mentioned earlier.

You can find used PUG Badlands UTVs on the manufacturer's website. For example, there is currently a 2006 model priced at $14,400. It doesn't feature as much hauling capacity as the newest ATV, but it retains many of the same engine features and specifications, like a manual transmission. Note that the 2006 model only has a four-speed transmission rather than a five-speed transmission.

Of course, these used models have been pre-owned. However, PUG has inspected the vehicles themselves, and they are tested to ensure reliability before being sold to consumers.

For even more of the budget from the deal, you can find earlier models, such as a 2005 model for a lower asking price. You have to call PUG for both pricing and availability, though. Thus, check out the manufacturer’s website for more information.