Polaris UTV For Sale

Polaris is one of the most trusted brands in the UTV business, satisfying the needs of hunters, ranchers, farmers, and field workers for over a decade. The reason why the Polaris UTVs are so popular is the constant communication with their clients and using this feedback to fine-tune their vehicles. 

This guide will take you through the latest Polaris UTV lineup, highlighting the key features that will assist you in making a decision. The latter section will include the best places to buy and test these vehicles, so keep reading to learn more!

Polaris UTV Lineup

The 2021 lineup has a wide range of configurations, powertrains, and trims. Every model is carefully crafted for its specific purpose without constricting its versatility. 

Ranger 2-Seat 

The compact two-seaters are the best-value models, balancing affordability with ride comfort and a sizable loading bay. They are easily customized with proprietary Polaris accessories and turned into an excellent tool for any task. 

The most affordable model in the lineup, the Ranger 500 is far more capable than any other entry-level model. Compact yet comfortable, it manages to pack a lot into a body that is only 58” wide. 

The ProStar Engine was built from the ground up to deliver 32 horsepower and be as reliable as possible. With a 10” ground clearance and 1,500 lb towing capacity, you will be able to haul supplies and lumber far more quickly than with a pickup truck.

For those looking for more power, the ProStar engine in the Ranger 570 delivers 44 horsepower and true on-demand all-wheel drive. The gas-assist dump box makes unloading the 500-pound cargo bay an easy task.

Ranger EV is a revolutionary UTV powered by a high-efficiency AC-Induction motor with the power of 30 hp. The near-silent running is ideal for hunting as it allows for a stealthier approach. In working conditions, the Ranger EV doesn’t fall behind its gas-powered variants, achieving the same towing and payload capacity.

Ranger 3-Seat 

The Ranger 570 Full-Size can comfortably seat three adults and take on larger, more demanding tasks. The layout of the 567cc engine provides easy access to the oil and air filter and requires very little maintenance. 

The cargo box capacity is increased to 800 pounds and equipped with a more powerful gas-assist tilt for dumping. Packed with terrain-crossing features like the independent rear suspension, 10.5” ground clearance, and ¾ length skid plate, the full-size Rangers can easily tow up to 1,500 lb wherever you need to go. 

Polaris took their best-selling XP 900 UTV and figured out ways to make it even better. The Ranger 1000 is more comfortable, and it has a strengthened front-drive, true on-demand AWD, and a 61 horsepower, 999cc engine. 

The improvements have a practical purpose — as the Ranger 1000 can tow 2,500 pounds and carry 1,000 pounds in the back. This degree of towing power is quite a feat for such a compact vehicle. The Ranger 1000 also comes equipped with plush seats, tilt steering, and plenty of cabin storage space to make the ride more comfortable and convenient - especially when driving for extended periods.

The Ranger XP 1000 is the top-of-the-line model with class-leading towing capacity, 13” ground clearance, aluminum wheels, and redefined LED headlights. The 999cc ProStar engine provides 82 horsepower, which is more than enough for all your towing and hauling needs.

Ranger Crew

Whether you have workers to transport to a worksite, a hunting party that needs to get where no SUV can, or you simply just want the fun for the whole family; the Ranger Crew is ready to take you anywhere. 

This lineup consists of Ranger Crew 570, Crew 570 Full-Size, Crew 1000, and Crew XP 1000. For the most part, they are identical to their short-wheelbase counterparts and offer seating for four or six people. 

However, the primary benefit of Crew models is the higher seating capacity, and they certainly don’t fall behind in terms of capabilities. With 10 to 13 inches of ground clearance, the only real drawback is their longer wheelbase. But it is a tradeoff well worth considering if you need the added passenger capacity.

Special Editions

Polaris doesn’t create run-of-the-mill UTVs. While the models previously discussed offer versatility to handle any task, Special Edition vehicles are purpose-built to be the best at what they do. 

The full-size cab models take the concept of a UTV and bring it closer to a conventional SUV. An enclosed cabin with a factory-installed heating and air conditioning unit means you won’t have to suffer through scorching summer heat nor get snow and rain falling on you as you drive. 

Texas Edition is a rancher’s best friend, while the Trail Boss can take you to the highest peaks in the county. High Lifter sports heavy-duty tires, 15” of tire clearance, and the industry’s fastest engaging AWD can get you through muddy terrain. For hunters, the Big Game and Waterfowl Edition will be the perfect means of getting to the ideal hunting spot.

The youth model, Ranger 150 EFI, is crafted with safety and reliability in mind. Speed can be digitally limited to an appropriate level. The small 150cc engine will surprise you with its ability to cross rugged terrain, so by using the Geofencing phone app, you will be able to keep track of the UTV.

The Best Places To Buy A Polaris UTV

Polaris off-road vehicles are stocked by dealers across the country, and the best way to find a licensed dealership is through the official Polaris website. You can enter your location and the closest showrooms or browse by state. 

Most licensed dealerships can accommodate a test ride, and some even have special off-road testing trails for you to experience the full potential of Ranger UTVs. You can also find dealer listings on ATV.com if you prefer to browse by price.