MAX ATV For Sale

MAX is a specialized ATV brand known for producing a line of amphibious vehicles, which you can use to drive on both land and water. These vehicles can traverse aquatic environments, such as lakes and swamps.

As a result, MAX has penetrated the ATV market by providing specialized vehicles for very specific uses. They only have a few ATVs to choose from at any one time, as they iterate upon a core model rather than a few vastly different types. Nevertheless, you can find used versions of earlier ATVs on a variety of online marketplaces and websites.

Note: MAX has not made new ATVs since 2017. The manufacturer recently changed owners, so the most recent vehicles are from 2017 rather than more recent years. 

MAX ATV Buyer’s Guide

MAX’s ATVs stand out among many competing amphibious vehicles for many reasons.

Each model has 6WD, along with six durable wheels that can grip muddy or slippery terrain. The wheel design allows the MAX ATVs to enter and exit watery environments relatively easily and quickly. Naturally, these vehicles are designed more for off-road performance rather than fast speeds on paved roads.

With over four decades of testing, MAX has perfected its drive design. The drive functions attributed to its high-strength solid steel axles allow the vehicle to grind through brush and debris that might otherwise tear through the CV joints and other components of a typical ATV drive.

Furthermore, every MAX ATV is protected by a form sheet of super-high density plastic. Not only does this protect sensitive interior components from water damage and from debris grinding, but it also helps the vehicle float. It is an ultimately impermeable shield that lasts for a long time, and it is key to the MAX ATVs’ aquatic capabilities.

What To Look For In A MAX ATV

There are three current models of MAX ATVs you can choose from. However, each vehicle is designed for slightly different purposes and contains different technical specifications.

You should think about a few significant factors before making a purchase, so you can appropriately choose the right MAX ATV for your needs. These include:

  • Passenger capacity - Each MAX ATV has room for different numbers of passengers, so consider whether you only need to transport yourself and another person or a larger party across a body of water.
  • Storage space - Similarly, different models of MAX ATVs have varying storage space capacities. If you need to carry a lot of equipment over a body of water or land, some of the recent models may be a better choice due to their increased carrying capacity and towing potential on dry land.
  • All-terrain capabilities - While each MAX ATV is technically capable of operating in all environments, some of them are more suited to aquatic mobility than others. Furthermore, the latest model of MAX ATV, to be discussed in detail below, is better designed for driving on dry environments than its earlier counterparts due to its more powerful engine and raised cabin.

In short, be sure that you know what you need an ATV for before purchasing a new MAX model.

The Best Places To Buy MAX ATVs

As mentioned above, MAX only has a few different models of vehicles to choose from, and you can no longer purchase one brand new - not even from their website. MAX recently underwent a change in ownership and is looking to start production again soon. But it may take some time before the new MAX ATVs are available.

However, you can find used MAX ATVs from various retailers, dealerships, and even used ATV marketplaces, such as and

Keep in mind that it is often difficult to purchase used MAX ATV’s because there are so few available. If you want the savings of a used MAX ATV, you may have to wait for the right vehicle to hit the open market.


The MAX II is a very mobile 6WD and amphibious ATV with enough space for two people and a dedicated storage compartment in the back.

Not only does the MAX II come with thick tires that are perfect for navigating off-road environments, but you can add ATV tracks to the MAX II to navigate swampy rain or snow with ease. The MAX II is responsive and agile, and it has headlights, taillights, a reverse gear, and a 5-gallon gas tank.


The MAX IV is an evolution of the MAX II, only 10 inches longer than its predecessor. However, it has enough space for four people instead of just two while retaining its compact and mobile shape. With this ATV, you have the ability to carry bulky equipment and multiple people at once on both land and through amphibious environments.

It features a rollover protection system, a reverse gear, electric start, and even a trailer hitch to make use of its increased towing capabilities. It can tow up to 1,000 pounds at a time and can hold over 1,300 pounds (including passengers) while traveling in water.

MAX Buffalo All–Terrain Truck ATV

MAX’s Buffalo ATV is a newer vehicle that features impressive load capability. It can hold up to 1,000 pounds on land and carry two passengers at a time. One of its most notable features is a large flatbed load container that you can both raise and lower electronically. The bed has a durable plastic coating to increase its durability over time.

Much like MAX’s other ATV’s, it can traverse water and carry up to 1,600 pounds while traveling through amphibious environments. It features many of the same design features as its predecessors, including an electric start, trailer hitch, and a very high density, durable polyethylene body. It maintains a maximum towing capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Prices for each of the above MAX ATVs are difficult to nail down given the lack of available models, even on used ATV marketplaces. But generally speaking, prices range anywhere from $4,000 and $10,000 on average, depending on model year and condition.