KTM ATV For Sale

KTM is an Austrian manufacturer of motorcycles and sports cars, which includes models like the KTM X-Bow. Officially founded in 1992, the company’s roots can be traced as far back as 1934, and KTM is renowned for its off-road motorcycle lineup of motocross, enduro, and supermoto machines. It is among the largest manufacturers of off-road motorcycles in the world today. 

KTM turned its expertise into making ATVs in 2008. Sadly they do not make them anymore, closing the production line around 2013. In fact, the entire Sport ATV segment suffered a downfall due to the recession and declining sales. However, a used KTM ATV is still a great option, as they are formidable, rugged, and powerful machines. KTM’s slogan of “Ready to Race” certainly applies to this iconic ATV line.

Let’s take you through the two most popular ranges that you can find on the used ATV market.

KTM 450 and 525XC

The KTM 450 and 525, the company’s first ATV efforts, were introduced in 2008. Both are broadly similar, with the significant difference being the powerplants’ displacement and characteristics. Their frames are made from Chromoly, as are the swing arms, rear axle, and A-arm. The engines were specially built for KTM’s ATV and not simply plucked from their motorcycle engine range. 

They are single-cylinder overhead-cam four-valve water-cooled units with an 11:1 compression ratio. The stroke is identical on both at 72 mm, but the bore differs between the two. The 450 model’s bore is 89 mm, making it 447cc, and the 525 model’s bore is 95 mm, which makes it 510cc. They are fed by a 39 mm Keihin carb. The engines can easily be swapped without any significant changes. KTM also kept maintenance top of mind, as basic activities such as air filter cleaning and spark plug changing can be performed with easy access. 

Another bonus is that the engines feature electric starters for extra convenience. Furthermore, the engines are built around a dry-sump design, utilizing two oil filters, two oil strainers, and a magnet to catch iron shavings.

An aluminum radiator takes care of cooling requirements, and it boasts a curved shape with mudguards to keep it clean while you go exploring. An electric fan and thermostat keep temperatures optimal during extended high-rev sessions. Back to the airbox, it is designed to suck air from the highest point on the ATV, which reduces the chances of it sucking water when you get too enthusiastic at the water hole. Once again, accessing it to clean the filters is an easy affair. A 13.4-liter fuel tank offers decent endurance, and in keeping with the “Ready to Race” ethos, a factory-installed engine kill switch is also present.

Drive goes to the rear wheels through a five-speed transmission that also includes a reverse gear. The clutch is a Magura hydraulic unit with stainless-steel braided clutch lines for further durability and protection. It is almost maintenance-free and features automatic adjustment too, and you could also have a CVT on the 525 model if desired. And if you are wondering about the exhaust, its 94dB output means it isn’t the loudest thing around. Aftermarket exhausts are a popular modification for these parts. Although KTM’s stock offering is tuned to work best with the engine, it might be best to leave it on.

The handlebars are sturdy aluminum units with Magura levers and an Ohlins steering damper. Extra-wide serrated footpegs and heel guards ensure your feet stay securely on the machine. The suspension is a fully adjustable affair by Ohlins, which offers 275 mm of wheel travel at the front and 272 mm at the rear, and it’s marketed to be Pro-level compliant out-of-the-box. Braking is taken care of by discs all-round with meaty 4-piston calipers at the front and a single-piston one at the rear. 

The front brake lever can be effortlessly operated with one finger and features an integral parking brake too. The padded seat offers decent comfort, although we doubt you will be sitting all the time, given the fun that can be had. A review by ATV Scene reported that the engine characteristics of the 450 model were better for tighter trails, while the 525 models relished longer and more open runs.

KTM 450 and 505 SX

The KTM 450 and 505 SX are the smaller cousins of the 450 and 525XC, albeit not by much. While the 450-variant engine is 2cc larger at 449cc, the 505-variant engine is 477cc. Once again, it is the bore that varies while the stroke is fixed at 60.8 mm. The carb is a slightly larger Keihin unit at 41 mm. The SX range also comes with a five-speed manual transmission, but there is no reverse gear. The seat height is slightly lower at 795 mm and 820 mm for the XC range. 

The Ohlins fully adjustable suspension is present, with 244 mm of wheel travel at the front and 258 mm at the rear. The fuel tank is also slightly smaller at 10.3-liter fuel capacity. The SX comes with some additional standard features in the shape of Nerf bars, rear rims with Beadlock, and a black plastic headlight cover.


KTM is indeed an exciting brand — anyone lucky enough to sample their two-wheeled or four-wheeled machinery will testify to that. While it is unfortunate that the company had to cease operations, you can pick up one of these machines on the used market - so there is a consolation. 

Just be sure to give it a complete once-over to ensure that it has been looked after with care. KTM’s are built tough, easy to maintain and designed for long lifespans. So, stay safe when you hit the trails, make sure your machine is well maintained, and always wear the necessary safety gear.