John Deere UTV For Sale

John Deere may be more known for its tractors and other farming or construction equipment, but it also produces Gators, a line of utility vehicles. Gators have been a staple of John Deere’s vehicle catalog for many years and have undergone several iterations and evolutions with time.

Today, John Deere has three main lines of UTVs: the Work Series Gators, the Mid-Size Crossover Gators, and the Full-Size Crossover Gators. Each line is adorned with the iconic green and yellow colors of the John Deere brand. But more importantly, each line comes with different possible vehicle models and features.

John Deere UTV Buyer’s Guide

There is a lot to think about before you purchase a new John Deere UTV. For the best result, you should consider what you are purchasing a UTV for in the first place. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Terrain – The John Deere Gators are each optimized for different terrain conditions and landscapes. These vehicles also come in 2WD, 4WD, and 6X4 models, depending on your needs. Consider the driving style you need to narrow down your options.
  • Hauling Capacity – All John Deere Gators models can carry at least 400 pounds of material by default. However, only some Gator UTVs are built with flatbeds that allow you to carry more equipment.
  • Top Speed – John Deere’s Gators are not particularly well-known for their speed, and about half of the models available travel at top speeds of less than 25 mph (though a few choice models can get up to 40 mph). This ties into the engine types available from these UTVs, as well.
  • Gas or Electric? – John Deere's Gators are primarily gas-powered, but one current electric model is the TE 4X2. There are also a few diesel-powered options for even more power. Consider what will work best for your property and transportation requirements before finalizing the purchase to ensure you pick the best Gator for your needs. 
  • Passenger Capacity – Most Gators only have enough space for two people, although several have a total capacity for four passengers, including the driver.

Once you figure out what you need from the categories mentioned above, you should be able to quickly narrow down your John Deere UTV options and choose the best model for you.

Differences Between John Deere UTVs

The three primary lines of UTVs from John Deere are broadly similar. However, they gradually become more distinct as you raise your budget level.

The Work Series features the smallest and most budget-friendly UTVs, and several models don’t have cages around the passenger compartment as a result. The Mid-Sized series all include crash cages and provide greater payload and towing capacity. Lastly, the Full-Sized Crossover is the largest and most expensive of the bunch, but it can all fit at least three people.

John Deere UTVs can be found in both new and used conditions, making them accessible for buyers of all budget levels.

The Best Places To Buy John Deere UTVs

Naturally, the best place to buy a new John Deere UTV is to simply visit the manufacturer's website or visit one of their dealerships, depending on what is available in your local area. However, since many farmers and construction workers already own these vehicles, you can find used John Deere UTVs in decent condition from marketplaces such as, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. You may also find certain John Deere Gators available at bidding sites like

If you plan to purchase a used vehicle, be sure to take it for a test drive before putting your money down. No used UTV seller will begrudge you the opportunity to test out the vehicle, nor pop the hood to inspect its major components for wear and tear or maintenance problems.

John Deere Work Series UTVs

John Deere’s Work Series UTVs are the most basic and affordable line of vehicles, starting with the smallest HPX615E model, which can be purchased for $11,449. The HPX615E features a gas-powered engine, 4WD, and a 1,400-pound payload capacity. The most expensive vehicle in this line is the TH 6X4 Diesel, which features six wheels, an extra-long bed for transporting goods, and a diesel-powered engine. The TH 6X4 Diesel starts at $13,849.

John Deere Mid-Size Crossover UTVs

John Deere’s Mid-Size Crossover UTVs take things up a notch in terms of capacity and power. There are six models available under this category.

The XUV560E model is a two-rider vehicle equipped with 900 pounds of payload capacity, 4WD capabilities, a 12.8-gallon tank volume, and a basic roll cage to protect its occupants. There is also the XUV590M model that comes with power steering, LED headlights, and a variety of color options. 

You can also check out the four-passenger Midsize Gators. The XUV590M S4, for example, has a whopping 1,300 pounds of payload capacity, power steering, LED headlights, and a very secure crash cage.

These UTVs start at $9,870, with higher-priced models ranging up to $15,149. You will have an easier time finding used Mid-Size Crossovers than the Work Series, and used models are available for prices as low as $9,999.

John Deere Full-Size Crossover UTVs

The John Deere Full-Size Crossover Gator line offers both three-passenger and four-passenger utility vehicles. Its smallest and most affordable option is the XUV835E, sporting an electronic fuel injection engine, 2,000 pounds of towing capacity, and several available color options.

Higher-priced models include the UXV835M with Cab, a UTV equipped with a titular cab for occupants and power steering for improved maneuverability. At the upper end of this line is the XUV855M S4, a diesel-powered UTV with 1,500 pounds of towing capacity and plenty of space in the rear trunk. Prices for new John Deere UTVs range from $14,299–$18,799.

As with the Mid-Size models, you can find the used versions of these same vehicles for cheaper rates. The 2020 XUV590M S4, for example, can be found for as little as $16,242.