Honda UTV For Sale

Honda is one of the most popular motorcycle brands. However, many people are unaware of their rich UTV history. While the US90/ATC90 was the world’s first three-wheeler and paved a path for many ATVs to come, the 1976 Honda Odyssey made big waves in the UTV industry. 

Nearly a decade-long production run proved that the market for sport UTVs was growing. Odyssey’s success was followed by a short-lived Honda Pilot, with a steering wheel reminiscent of aircraft controls or modern Formula 1 cars.

Since then, Honda has been diligently working and developing future models. Currently, it has one of the most formidable off-road fleets. 

Honda UTV Lineup

Honda’s current lineup is divided into two brands: the Pioneer and Talon. 

The Pioneer line is designed to handle the hardships of daily labor, hunting and fishing trips, and recreational expeditions. On the flip side, the Talon line is all about high-speed thrills, overcoming dunes, and coming across the finish line first.

Pioneer 500

Pioneer 500 is Honda’s introductory model, and it is affordable as a first UTV, but it’s more than capable as a long-term investment. It can be used as means of getting around the ranch with ease, and it also excels as a recreational vehicle.

This two-seater is only 50 inches wide, and it is light enough to load up on a full-size pickup bed. Though not intended for hauling heavy equipment, the rear cargo rack is more than capable of transporting your camping gear and other essentials. The 475cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine is tuned for low-rpm torque and mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, delivering optimal power. 

Pioneer 520

If you like the formula of the Pioneer 500, but need something more practical for everyday use, then the Pioneer 520 might be the perfect choice for you. It is a more versatile, albeit slightly more expensive model, with a powerful 518cc engine and a strut-assist tilt/dump utility bed. 

Pioneer 700

Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700 Deluxe are Honda’s mid-range models, positioned between the small Pioneer 500 and massive Pioneer 1000 UTVs. Predicting all the use scenarios can be challenging, but the rugged 675cc engine is ready to take on any challenge. 

Even though it is slightly more expensive, the Pioneer 700 Deluxe has several features that make it well worth the cost. You can let the automatic transmission handle gear shifting or toggle over to paddle shifters at a mere flip of a switch. Electric power steering takes the weight out of your hands, making it easier to steer - especially on rocky terrain.

When two seats aren’t enough, Pioneer 700-4 with four seats gets the job done. The QuickFlip feature lets you fold the rear seats individually to create the desired seating configuration and cargo space.

Pioneer 1000

Honda infused all of its expertise into creating their largest recreation UTV — the Pioneer 1000. This three-seater can haul up to 1,000 pounds and tow up to 2,000 pounds thanks to the 999cc twin-cylinder engine. 

Automatic dual-clutch and intelligent four-wheel drive system maintain the front-wheel traction even if one wheel has landed in mud or on ice. Long-travel suspension, bigger tires, rubber-mounted engine, and exhaust system make this UTV both durable and highly capable on any surface.

The Deluxe and Limited Edition trims offer more in terms of features and design. Pioneer 1000 can also be purchased with additional seat space, raising the limit to five passengers. As with the Pioneer 700, the QuickFlip rear row can easily be folded down to make room for cargo. 

If you are looking for an enclosed UTV, look no further than the Special Edition. Decked out with a windshield, roof and side panels, front bumper, a winch, and urban camo pattern, the Pioneer 1000 Special Edition stands out not just through its capabilities, but also with its design.

Talon 1000X

The Talon 1000X is for serious off-roaders and thrill-seekers that prefer fast desert racing over patient rock climbing. When it comes to their sports section, Honda pulls all the stops — Talon 1000X is a 999cc 2-cylinder off-road machine that can hardly be called an entry-level model, despite being the most inexpensive.

As with the Pioneer, automatic dual-clutch transmission and i-4WD technology are the main factors why Honda’s UTVs can get ahead of the competition. Equipped with the Fox Live-Valve suspension, the Talon is the first UTV to have the automatic transmission and launch mode for astonishingly quick starts.

If Fox Live-Valve suspension seems like overkill, the standard 1000X model comes with FOX Q3S manually adjustable shocks that deliver the right balance of ride comfort and off-road control.

Talon four-seater models come equipped with comfortable, full-sized passenger seats for those looking to share the fun and excitement with friends or family. Like the two-seater, it is available in 1000X-4, Fox Live Valve, and Special Edition. 

Talon 1000R

The main difference between Talon models is that 1000R is wider, has a longer wheelbase, and longer suspension travel. This makes it more suitable for rugged, open terrain where the larger frame can provide better stability at higher speeds.

The 1000R can also be equipped with Fox Live-Valve suspension or kept in standard Q3S configuration. The Special Edition Trim is outfitted with several cosmetic and convenience features.

Best Places to Buy Honda UTVs

Honda has a widespread network of dealerships throughout the United States. The Honda Powersports website is the fastest and easiest way to locate and contact the nearest dealer. You can browse by zip code and narrow down your search to include showrooms capable of accommodating a test ride. You can even arrange for home delivery with internet-certified dealers.