Honda ATV For Sale

For decades, Honda has been one of the most dominant motorcycle manufacturers, pioneering new concepts and creating great strides in the industry. The ATC70, their three-wheel, all-terrain cycle, was one of the very first ATVs ever produced, and it paved the way for further development.

In 1984, Honda released the TRX200, with the design and layout we are familiar with today. Since then, Honda has created a proper lineup of work, recreational, and sport ATVs. This guide will explain the benefits of each model and where to find the best offers!

Honda ATV Lineup

Honda has divided their ATVs into two categories: the utility and recreation models named Fourtrax and the sport models that continue the TRX lineage.

Fourtrax Recon

Though it is the most affordable Fourtrax model, the Recon has many features that make it so much more than an entry-level model. A longitudinally mounted, 229cc air-cooled engine powers the rear wheels through the automatic clutch and five-speed transmission with reverse gear.

With the Recon ES trim, you will get Honda’s ESP system that allows you to change gears at the press of a button located on the handlebar. It is particularly beneficial when footwear gets slippery or too dirty to operate the clutch effectively during lousy weather.

The larger models might tire you out on long drives if you are not accustomed to riding ATVs or don’t use them often. Recon is the smallest and lightest model of the lineup, making it very easy to maneuver. Combined with the lowest price and plenty of low-rpm torque, it is an excellent choice for occasional use.

Fourtrax Rancher 

The Fourtrax Rancher proves that customized ATVs do not have to cost a fortune. With eight trim levels, the Rancher can be adapted to the specification of its user. Its most notable feature is its Honda Automatic DCT transmission, allowing you to simply focus on the ride without having to shift gears.

The independent rear suspension ensures constant contact with the ground and a smooth ride over rough terrain. Front and rear cargo racks are designed with the Honda Pro-Connect system in mind, enabling you to attach or remove Honda’s storage boxes quickly or simply use your own.

Fourtrax Foreman 4X4 

Foreman 4X4 is a proper work vehicle, reliable, powerful, and capable of taking on any task. Performance and hill-climbing ability are taken to the next level with the 512cc engine. 

Its rugged swingarm suspension is optimized for towing, but the Foreman can also take on trails and challenging paths thanks to the 4x4 powertrain. The Electric Shift Program puts you in reverse at the touch of a button, which is especially useful when you need to drive back and forth frequently.

Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 4X4 Automatic DCT

The new Rubicon has all the utility of a standard Foreman, but with added trail capabilities. The independent rear suspension and massive ground clearance are the keys to keeping the wheels in constant contact with the terrain, even in the most challenging conditions.

If you are looking for an all-purpose ATV and don’t mind paying extra to get the premium features, Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 4x4 is the way to go.

Fourtrax Rincon

The flagship Fourtrax Rincon strives to be the best ATV in the mid-size category. It is powered by Honda’s largest ATV engine — a 675cc, liquid-cooled motor with programmed fuel injection for hassle-free use in any condition. 

A three-speed automatic transmission handles gear shifting, while TraxLok toggles between two-wheel or all-wheel drive - making it easy to switch to two-wheel drive on flat terrain and make full use of the added grip when necessary.

The long-travel independent suspension is equipped both front and back, providing a level of comfort you would never expect from an ATV. A great design and the characteristic red color complete the look of this fantastic all-purpose vehicle!


The TRX90X is targeted at the younger demographic, with a no-clutch transmission that lets them learn the basics and have fun without worrying about breaking something. The SOHC 86cc four-stroke engine runs smoothly and reliably, as expected of Honda’s engineering. 

Push-button start makes it easy to get going, but the keyed ignition helps to ensure that kids can’t go off without your permission. Throttle limiters can be adjusted as they grow and learn to handle greater speeds. And even though it’s designed for children ages 10 and up, it can handle adults as well. 


Fourtrax models combine the practicality of a work vehicle with recreation, but the TRX250X is all about fun. It is all about speed and handling, with exclusive Honda SportClutch making sure every gear shift is stall-free. 

Lightweight design and 229cc air-cooled engine work together to create a highly maneuverable ATV. Aggressive body panels with plenty of tire clearance are combined with oversized, blacked-out aluminum wheels, making the TRX250X look like a proper dirt bike on four wheels.

The Best Place to Buy Honda ATV

Honda’s ATV lineup is available for purchase throughout the country. However, the best way to find an official dealership is through Honda’s main webpage. You can browse by zip code or location and filter the results further to find the exact model you are looking for. 

Select the closest dealership and quickly discover their working hours, test ride offers, and availability. Most dealerships have personalized websites with detailed information about their inventory and special offers.