Electric UTV For Sale

Though gas-powered UTVs have been popular for decades, electric UTVs have been around almost since the inception of the UTV itself. However, more people than ever are looking to try out electric UTVs, and for good reason: 

  • Their torque achieves its peak almost instantaneously
  • They deliver engine power smoothly and linearly
  • They are more eco-friendly than gas UTVs

Since electric UTVs are used primarily for paved roads, light off-road adventures, or transporting equipment and passengers from place to place, the high power provided by gas combustion isn’t always necessary.

Fortunately, many of the best UTV manufacturers also create electric UTVs in various models.

Electric UTV Buyer’s Guide

At their core, electric UTVs are easy to maintain, run off a battery pack you can charge whenever you aren't using the vehicle, and are less noisy than their gas-powered counterparts. In addition, because electric UTVs have fewer moving parts, owners don’t have to worry about oil changes, spark plugs, replacing air filters, and so on. As a result, you may spend less money over an electric UTV’s lifespan than a gas UTV. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a new electric UTV.

For example, most electric UTV motors only provide around 30 hp on average - significantly less powerful than gas-powered UTVs, which often approach roughly 200 hp or so. Therefore, you must keep in mind the horsepower of a given UTV before purchasing.

Take a look at the driving range of a new UTV, as well. Most electric UTVs have a driving range between 20 and 40 miles. If you need to go farther on a single charge, opt for a model with a more efficient battery.

Lastly, consider the comforts and seating arrangements that an electric side-by-side features. For instance, some side-by-side vehicles include cushioned or comfortable seats, while others have little more than flat boards for their passengers. Some electric UTVs include trunks, storage options, or protective elements like roll cages. All of these aspects can help you determine the preferred choice among several electric UTVs.

What To Look For In An Electric UTV

Since electric UTVs are designed for a wide variety of uses, try to answer the following questions before going shopping:

  • Will you be taking your electric side-by-side off-road frequently? If the answer is affirmative, you may need as much horsepower as you can get, as well as durable and treaded tires that can run on muddy or slippery terrain.
  • How many passengers will you typically take with you? Some electric side-by-side UTVs have two seats only, while others will have four seats to accommodate additional passengers.
  • Enjoy listening to music while you ride? If that’s the case, look for one that includes radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and other elements that will make the vehicle more pleasurable to drive around town.

The Best Places To Buy Electric UTVs

Given the focus toward eco-friendliness and a broad public transition away from gas-powered vehicles, electric UTVs are more common than ever. Not only can you purchase them from manufacturer websites or specialized dealerships, but you can also find electric side-by-side UTVs at online marketplaces like ATVtrader.com, Craigslist, and more.

However, should you decide to purchase a used electric UTV, be sure to schedule a personal inspection before buying the vehicle. Check the motor health, the condition of the wheels, and the battery’s charge to avoid getting a lemon. It may be good to take the vehicle on a test drive to ensure the battery is in top condition.

Arctic Cat Prowler Electric UTVs

Arctic Cat is one of the leading manufacturers of electric UTVs at this time, and their latest model has enough room for four passengers. For example, the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro has a 92 V AC induction motor capable of driving at 38 hp. This UTV is also suitable for transporting cargo, featuring a 1,000-pound towing capacity and a cargo deck that can hold 400 pounds of equipment before affecting the suspension or the engine power.

New Arctic Cat Prowler Pros can be found for $14,199, while used and earlier models of the broader Prowler line can be found for as low as $8,399.

Polaris Ranger EV

This famous electric UTV is one of the most popular in its class, featuring a 48 V AC induction motor and 30 hp at maximum speed. It also has 1,000 pounds of payload capacity, 10 inches of ground clearance, and independent front and rear suspensions. Thanks to its relatively comfortable seats, it is also a favorite, relative to many other electric UTV models.

New Ranger EVs can be purchased for a starting price of $12,299, and the used Rangers are available for as low as $11,600.

Hisun Sector E1 Electric UTVs

Hisun Motors, a Texas-based manufacturing company, makes many of its parts overseas. However, its Sector E1 model is a great electric UTV example, featuring a 48 V AC induction motor and 27 hp. More importantly, it can provide 220 lb-ft of torque, making this one of the industry’s best off-road electric UTV models.

It includes dual front and rear suspensions, 500 pounds of cargo capacity in the bed, and fixed treaded wheels that further facilitate off-road adventures. The new versions of this UTV can be found for $11,299, and the used Hisun Sector E1s are available for $10,995.

Can-Am Commander E LSV SE Electric UTVs

Can-Am produces a line of electric UTVs as well, including their Commander series. The E LSV SE model has been updated for 2021, and it is now available for $16,399. There is a lot to like about this vehicle model, including the 11 inches of ground clearance, dual A-arm front suspension and independent rear suspension, and a 48 V electric motor that produces 30 hp. Its towing and cargo capacity is 1,500 and 600 pounds, respectively.

However, this vehicle also includes several excellent accessories, such as a rear adventure rack, a cooler, and bucket seats that keep you stable and secure while off-roading.