Custom Bagger Motorcycle For Sale

Bagger motorcycles are a broad category of motorcycles that encompasses many models. Sometimes called full baggers, full dressers, dressers, full dress tourers, or touring bikes, these bikes are designed for long-distance riding. If it has a lot of storage and a comfortable seating position, it could be loosely categorized in this class.

In fact, as with many types of motorcycles, the first baggers were straight bikes or cruisers. When people wanted to go for a long ride, they would buy a pair of saddlebags and attach them. But an excellent touring bike needs more than just a set of bags. If you are riding long-distance, you want a larger gas tank, as well as fairings to keep the wind off. Bikers started modifying their machines, and manufacturers took note. Nowadays, most motorcycle companies produce at least one model of the bagger category.

Custom Bagger Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

We have already covered the basics of a bagger — saddlebags, fairings, and a generously sized fuel tank. But several other features make a modern touring bike different from a cruiser or a straight bike. For one thing, many designs replaced soft saddlebags with solid panniers, and larger models frequently come with a hardened top box. These provide more secure storage than leather bags.

Another essential feature of a good bagger is a high-torque, high-displacement motor. These bikes aren’t built for racing, so they don’t need incredible acceleration. Instead, they should be geared for efficiency, particularly at highway speeds, and should have plenty of low-end horsepower.

Unlike cruisers, where you lean back, or sportbikes, where you lean forward, a bagger typically has an upright riding position and often includes driver and passenger backrests. On some models, you will even see armrests on the passenger seat. It’s all about comfort, even when you are riding cross-country.

Many modern baggers come with amenities and bonus features you won’t see on other bikes with a similar goal in mind. For example, touring bikes often include a stereo system. Many come with heated handgrips and seats, GPS systems, and even airbags.

With all of these additional features, there is a healthy aftermarket for add-ons and a large market for customized bikes. Whether you are looking for a bike that is already customized, or you want to customize your own, you will have plenty of options.

The most important thing to consider is how you will use the bike before thinking about cosmetics. For instance, a quick Google search for “custom bagger” returns many results like this one. Now, that is a gorgeous bike. You can tell a lot of love and care went into it, and it will certainly turn some heads.

But look at how low the bags are. If you hit a pothole, you are guaranteed to bottom out. Using the bike as intended — long rides on smooth highways — should keep you from having any problems. But if you need to traverse gravel or even poorly-maintained back roads, you are liable to run into trouble.

Inspecting a Used Custom Bagger Motorcycle

If you want to customize your own bagger, you might wish to start by thinking about getting a new bike. On the other hand, you might want to save money by buying a used bike, especially if you are going to modify it anyway. And if you are looking for an already-customized bagger, you are guaranteed to be buying used.

Never buy a used bike sight unseen. You would want to check the forks, brakes, tires, and fluids at a bare minimum. You also want to take the bike for a test ride to see if there are any issues.

On the other hand, if you are buying a customized bike, this may not always be practical. Since you are probably looking for that specific bike and not another similar model, you might be buying from across the country. In that case, the best thing to do is coordinate with a local mechanic and schedule an inspection. If all goes well, you can confidently move ahead with your purchase. If not, the inspection cost will be nothing compared to the trouble and headache you would have avoided.

The Best Places to Buy a Custom Bagger Motorcycle

If you want a bagger that is already customized, your best bet is to look at auctions and bike shops. Many custom shops also deal in used custom bikes, and you never know what you will find. That said, some baggers are more worth owning and modifying than others. In no particular order, here are some of the most popular:

Honda Gold Wing

First introduced in 1974, the Honda Gold Wing is one of the most popular motorcycles in the United States. It boasts a shaft drive for reduced maintenance, along with a powerful 1,832cc engine. It also sports high seatbacks, large fairings, and a Dolby sound system. Over 640,000 units have been sold in the United States alone.

Because of its size, power, and sheer number of them on the road, the Gold Wing is a popular choice for custom baggers. Parts are readily available, and there are numerous purpose-built aftermarket accessories. A new Honda Gold Wing starts at $23,900. Used models start at $7,000, though you will pay considerably more if you buy a custom job.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

If you are looking for a beautiful bike, it is impossible to ignore Harley-Davidson. The Road Glide Special is a classic Harley, with a low seating position and an upper fairing only. The black stock model starts at $23,900, but for an extra $1,000, you can order it in any color.

As with most Harleys, you won’t save much by buying used. You are looking at a minimum of around $18,000, and that is for a stock bike.

Indian Challenger

For decades, Indian has been the Yin to Harley-Davidson’s Yang. In this case, the Indian Challenger is a worthy competitor to the Road Glide Special. It sports an impressive 1,768cc motor, a power-adjustable windshield, and a 7-inch LCD display.

A brand new Challenger retails starting at $23,900. Used models are tougher to find, although some unmodified bikes can be bought for as little as $14,000.