Chopper Motorcycle For Sale

Chopper motorcycles are classic options that will simply never go out of style! These motorcycles are predominantly defined by their modified engines, which usually feature different wheelbases or adjusted frames. Most chopper engines are also longer than average, and they often have their steering head next to the engine’s angled position and placed higher than usual to ensure proper and safe steering.

Many other choppers feature unnecessary parts removed and have additional custom engine parts added to the mix to create fully bespoke or personalized bikes. It is not uncommon to find choppers with custom exhausts, custom oil tanks, fuel tanks, and even custom-forward controls.

Chopper Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

Choppers have a rich history in American culture, both in the movies and among enthusiastic bikers. It is considered almost a tradition or a rite of passage for motorcycle club members to build their own choppers after buying a base Harley-Davidson or similar cruising bike. Indeed, choppers are often intended for cruising on the freeway and comfortable riding rather than sports performance.

Note, chopper motorcycles aren’t the same as bobber motorcycles, so don’t get confused if someone tries to sell you the latter option. Chopper motorcycles can be purchased new and with the right aesthetic immediately off the line. In contrast, many bobber enthusiasts will insist on customization before a bike qualifies as a “real” bobber.

Chopper motorcycles can be purchased in new condition from various leading manufacturers, including Honda, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, and more.

When buying a chopper, our advice is to focus on aesthetics and comfort above all else. Of course, you will need a solid engine. However, it is essential to make sure your chopper can support your weight comfortably and that you will be able to enjoy it for hundreds of miles without experiencing back pain.

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Motorcycle

Used chopper motorcycles are everywhere, as these are some of the most popular for bikers to tinker with and manufacturers to create. It seems like every few years, Harley-Davidson comes out with a new chopper line.

If you do decide to go with a used chopper, take our advice and focus on these significant factors to avoid getting a defective bike that quits on you in the middle of a cruise:

  • Examine the bolt-on or weld-on if the chopper’s rear has been modified. Ensure that, wherever the two sections join, they are secure and usually found under the seat on the top rail or by the gearbox near the bike’s bottom.
  • If the chopper has an aftermarket frame, make sure it’s reasonably straight and that everything is mounted correctly on the engine. In some cases, used choppers were poorly modified, perhaps with massive engines held in place by the wrong sets of nuts and bolts. That scenario is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Check the bike’s rear tire. For example, a crisscross pattern on the tire’s sidewall indicates that the chain runs too close to the tire. If the wheel has uneven wear and tear, it may be an indication that the wheel is misaligned.

Where To Find A Chopper Motorcycle

New choppers can be purchased at most major dealerships in your area or directly from the manufacturer’s websites. Harley-Davidson and Honda are two of the most popular chopper makers on the market today. 

However, you can also find used chopper motorcycles on various online markets and listings, like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and CycleTrader. Dealerships in your area probably have chopper motorcycles for sale that have some miles on them for significant discounts, as well.

No matter where you decide to buy your chopper, let us review the following prices you will see when you start shopping around:

Indian Scout Motorcycles

You can find a surprisingly high number of Indian Scout motorcycles that qualify as choppers due to their aftermarket or manufacturer modifications and aesthetics. Indians are renowned for their sleek appearances and high power. For example, some 2020 Indian Scouts offer liquid-cooled V-twin engines, ABS brakes, and ample horsepower to race or cruise at your leisure.

Indian Scouts start at relatively affordable prices, as well, with the cost for the 2020 model being $8,999 in new condition or significantly lower if you look for older Indians, such as those from decades ago.

Honda Rebel 300 Motorcycles

The Honda Rebel 300 is a phenomenal starter motorcycle, especially for bikers who like the chopper aesthetic. These cruise bikes feature low stances, 286cc single cycle four-stroke engines, and six interchangeable speeds. These bikes also weigh only 364 pounds, so they are easily manageable for most users.

We also favor these bikes since they feature hydraulic-disc brakes. You can find a new Rebel 300 for $4,499, which is quite affordable for many riders. Used bikes can be purchased for less than $4,000, depending on the listing.

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Motorcycles

Yamaha’s Bolt R-Spec line of motorcycles features the excellent chopper aesthetic you are looking for and comes with a high torque V-twin engine, combining old-school appearances with modern power and performance. It weighs well over 500 pounds but has a 942cc engine and a 3.4-gallon gas tank.

It is an excellent beginner and intermediate chopper bike that could be purchased new from Yamaha or other dealers for $8,400. You can alternatively find used versions of these bikes for as little as $5,000.

Suzuki Boulevard C50T Motorcycles

The Suzuki Boulevard line of motorcycles certainly evokes the chopper aesthetic that they are known for. The C50T is a particularly logical choice since 2020 recently saw the release of a brand-new model you can get for a reasonable price of $9,600. These motorcycles will help you stand out in a crowd, and each bike comes with plenty of excellent features that make it an ideal choice for long-distance cruising.

These include spacious seating, custom-made leather saddlebags, a secondary seat for a passenger, and even a studded backrest also designed for your comfort. Add to that an aerodynamic windshield, and it is clear to see why these bikes are so popular. Good news for potential buyers? You can find used C50Ts for around $5,000.