Can-Am Motorcycle For Sale

A joint venture of an American and Canadian team, Can-Am first began producing motorcycles in 1971, starting with a series of motocross bikes that utilized a rotary engine. Both Can-Am and the engine manufacturer, Austrian Rotax, were owned by the same parent company, Bombardier Recreational Products. The partnership was a success, and by 1973, the first Can-Am bikes were in production. In 1976, the team placed second in their first national championship. 

In the 1980s, Bombardier reorganized and moved out of the motorcycle industry. Despite Can-Am’s success, the brand was sold in 1983 and ceased production in 1987. But nineteen years later, in 2006, Bombardier would resurrect the brand and produce an array of three-wheeled motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs, re-emerging as the Can-Am we know and love today.

Can-Am Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

The main advantage of Can-Am motorcycles, when compared to other motorcycles, is that they are easier and safer to operate. They are very stable with two front wheels, and you don’t need to put your feet down whenever you stop. In fact, Can-Am bikes are so easy to ride that some states — including California — don’t even require a motorcycle license to ride one. All you need is a regular driver’s license.

There are a total of five different Can-Am motorcycles, three of which remain in production. The current models are the Can-Am Spyder F3, the Spyder RT, and the Can-Am Ryker.

The Spyder F3 is comparable to a cruiser, with low seating and your feet placement well forward of your body. There are a variety of cosmetic options, but all sport a powerful, 1,330cc engine that is more than sufficient for the task. Further upgrade options include passenger seating, seatbacks, and saddlebags.

The Spyder RT is a touring trike, and the base model includes saddlebags. It also consists of a powerful sound system and the same 1,330cc engine as the F3. Upgrade packages include a passenger seatback, increased storage capacity, and even heated seating.

The Can-Am Ryker takes the opposite approach to the RT, a stripped, light-duty trike with a 600cc or 900cc engine. The 900cc version includes an optional sport mode for drifting, while the Rally Edition offers improved seating and protected handguards. The Ryker is geared towards new riders who are buying their first trike. As a result, it is correspondingly more affordable than other Can-Am models.

The Spyder RS was a smaller sports model than the F3 but larger than the Ryker, with a 998cc V-twin engine. But unlike the current Can-Am models, you sit leaning forward, more like a sportbike. This Can-Am trike ceased production in 2016. That same year, Can-Am would also stop production of the Spyder ST, a sports-touring hybrid model with an upright seat and removable saddlebags.

All models of Can-Am trikes have a few common features. To begin with, all have onboard storage in the form of a front truck, although larger models have correspondingly more storage. Still, even the Ryker’s tiny storage area is enough to stow a bag of groceries.

On a more performance-oriented note, all Spyder models now come with a clutchless transmission, which Can-Am calls “semi-automatic.” Before 2020, you could still get a genuine manual transmission, but that is no longer the case. All variants of the Can-Am Ryker come with an automatic continuously variable transmission designed to make it more accessible to younger riders.

The Best Places To Buy A Can-Am Motorcycle

If you are buying a brand new Can-Am, you will need to go to a dealership. The prices listed here are the MSRP, so keep in mind that prices might differ depending on the location where you make the purchase. If you can, get a handful of quotes! Different dealers may offer different pricing, and you can do well by contacting two of them to start a bidding contest against each other.

If you are buying used, there are several online options - from the Facebook Marketplace to motorcycle forums, etc. Ideally, you would want to look for a seller near your home so that you can inspect the bike in person. If you choose to buy from out of state, we advise having a mechanic look at the motorcycle before finalizing the sale.

Can-Am Spyder F3

The Can-Am Spyder F3’s powerful motor makes it sufficient for even the most demanding riders. At the same time, its low-slung design and relaxed seating position make it ideal for casual riding. The Spyder F3 is a classic cruiser with three wheels and some additional storage. Brand new, it starts at $15,999, but used models can often be found on the marketplace for around $12,000.

Can-Am Spyder RT

Where the Spyder F3 is a simple commuter, the Spyder RT was built for serious cargo capacity. Depending on your options, you can easily carry all the gear you need for a weekend camping trip. You can also take advantage of luxury options like heated seating. If you plan on spending a lot of time on the saddle, the $23,000 price tag for a new RT is well worth the investment. In fact, buying new is probably a better deal since you will barely save anything when purchasing used.

Can-Am Ryker

The Ryker is Can-Am’s starter model, with the least power and storage capacity of the entire line. While modest in many senses, it is excellent for beginners or shorter individuals who need a very low seating position. At $8,799, new models are very reasonably priced. It also holds its value absurdly well, with a lowball used price of around $8,000.

Can-Am Spyder RS

If you like the idea of a three-wheeled bike but prefer a sportier, forward-facing seating position, the Spyder RS is your best choice. Availability is not as comprehensive as current models, but you can still find a used RS easily enough if you don’t mind buying from out of state. They start at around $8,000.

Can-Am Spyder ST

The ST in Spyder ST is short for “Sport Touring.” It is a hybrid between the RS and the RT, with flat seats, removable bags, saddlebags, and a large pipe. It starts at around $14,000 used.