Can-Am ATV For Sale

Can-Am is a part of the Bombardier Recreational Products company in CaJ.D. Power. The company was established in 1972 as a motorcycle brand, specializing in high-performance motocross dirt bikes. In 1998, Can-Am released their very first ATV by the name of Traxter. 

Just one year later, the BRP Traxter was awarded “ATV of the Year” by ATV Magazine, and the success story continues as the company continues to create some of the best ATVs on the market. 

Can-Am ATV Lineup

The Can-Am legacy continues on, and the latest 2021 models retain the quality and spirit of their predecessors.


Riding ATVs is a hobby anyone can enjoy, and what better way to create a family activity than to get every member their very own ATV. The Can-Am DS ATVs are adjusted for use by children ages 6 and up. The electric start and built-in speed limiter make the introduction both safer and easier. 

The Can-Am DS is available in four trim levels: 70, 90, 90X, and 250, with each model number representing the engine size. Every model has a fully automatic, continuously variable transmission, independent or double A-arm front suspension, and electric start with backup kick start. 


The Renegade is a perfect sport ATV with plenty of power and high-tech features to help you with any obstacle. The base model is performance-oriented, but it is still capable of handling trails. 

A 570cc, 48 horsepower engine comes as standard, but if you are looking for more power, you can upgrade to a 850cc, 78 horsepower engine. All models except the base 570 come equipped with preload-adjustable FOX 1.5 PODIUM shocks in the rear. The Renegade X XC lets you push the limit even further, with a 1,000cc, 91 horsepower engine. 

The Renegade X MR 570 and Renegade X MR 1000R are designed for mudding, with higher ground clearance and larger tires, and utilize the same 570cc or 1000cc engine as the performance models.

The 1000R comes with a 3,500-pound winch, a Visco-4Lok adaptive limited-slip front differential, and a 4WD Lock system to handle the most demanding situations. The Renegade lineup is designed for thrill-seekers that enjoy fast-paced desert trails or the challenge of muddy terrain.

Outlander 450/570

The main characteristics of the Can-Am utility ATVs are the short-travel suspension, powerful engine, heavy-duty tires, and plenty of room for work, hunting, or camping gear. Outlander 450/570 will become an invaluable tool in the hands of a farmer, hunter, or enthusiast keen on exploring nature. 

The Outlander lineup includes nine models carefully crafted toward a specific application. However, this doesn’t restrict ATV’s ability to perform other tasks. 

If you are looking for a work vehicle, the base Outlander 450/570, Max, Max Ops, Max XT, and Max 6x6 DPS are readily available. Choose between a 450cc, 38 horsepower engine or the larger 570cc, 48 horsepower engine, one or two-seater variants. If you need the most capable machine, the Outlander Max 6x6 DPS 450 is an ideal choice.

On the other hand, trail riders will find the Outlander DPS 450/470 and XT 570 to be the best options, with tri-mode dynamic power steering and 25-inch tires on steel or aluminum wheels. 

The Outlander Mossy Oak Edition has a camouflage pattern and factory-installed hunting accessories to help track down game. Lastly, the Outlander X MR 570 is a mudding-ready model with relocated radiator and X-package coloration graphics.


Can-Am’s most capable utility ATVs can be found in the Outlander lineup, where it takes the formula of Outlander 450/570 and takes it to a new level. The smallest engine you can get is a 650cc, 62 horsepower four-stroke. However, there are also 850cc and 1000cc options if you are looking for more power. 

Intelligent throttle control and multiple driving modes provide smooth power delivery and controlled fuel consumption. Torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension lets the wheels move parallel and pivot under the seat for maximum grip and stability.

The class-leading 1,650-pound towing capacity combined with heavy-duty front and rear rack lets you transport everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. A total of seventeen trims provide multiple options for every purpose and ensure you get an ATV crafted according to your preferred specifications.

The Best Places To Buy Can-Am ATVs

The best place to begin your search is the official Can-Am website, where you will find pricing, special offers, and financing options. Simply enter your zip code and quickly locate the nearest showroom, where you can test out different models and negotiate a better deal. 

Another option is to find dealers through Autotrader. It allows you to browse by model, year, and location, so you can quickly map out the nearest offers. Motorsport universe and provide a similar service, but we recommend starting your search with the official look at our other buyer’s guides to find out more about the most prominent ATV manufacturers.