Bobcat UTV For Sale

A small family company in Minnesota owned by two brothers, Bobcat, is a brand of construction machinery originally built by Keller Welding and Repair. The company was founded when the brothers constructed a three-wheeled skid steer light enough to operate in the top level of a barn. In 1958, they perfected their design and marketed it through their uncle at the Melroe Manufacturing Company. The machines, labeled as “Bobcat,” spawned an entire product line.

In 1969, Clark Equipment purchased Melroe, and it was purchased by Ingersoll-Rand in 1995. Then in 2007, Ingersoll-Rand sold all their construction equipment brands to Doosan Group, a South Korean company.

Bobcat UTV Buyer’s Guide

Bobcat has a strong background in the construction industry and is renowned for making tough, rugged equipment. Many UTVs are made by ATV manufacturers, who tend to be more interested in sporting features. On the other hand, Bobcat vehicles are true work machines that are built for torque and hauling power rather than speed.

Bobcat has offered several UTV models over the years. For the sake of simplicity, we will limit ourselves to models that are still in production. From smallest to largest, these models are the 3400, the UV34, the UV34XL, the 3600, and the 3650. Let us take a closer look at each model.

The Best Places To Buy A Bobcat UTV

The best place to buy a new Bobcat UTV is directly from a Bobcat dealer. With that said, it’s best practice to contact more than one dealership for pricing, as each dealer will offer different prices, even within the same geographic area. In turn, we suggest that you shop around a bit before making a purchase.

Used Bobcat UTVs can be found on several auction sites, but their availability depends on the specific model and features you desire. Regardless, you will want to have them inspected – or inspect them personally if you buy a used model. 

Here’s a list of the most popular Bobcat UTVs and where you can find them.


The 3400 is Bobcat’s most popular model of UTV, and it essentially represents the company’s base model. It’s a two-seater 4x4 with a cargo bed and a passenger capacity of 550 pounds. The cargo bed is rated for a 1,250-pound capacity, impressive for a mid-sized UTV. In addition, there are several options to consider.

One of the most notable features is the modular cab system, with several winterization options, including a complete enclosure. The cabin comes equipped with heating and air conditioning so that you can remain comfortable under any weather conditions within the enclosure. If that’s not enough, there are also a wide variety of cargo rack options. Add in a maximum speed of 40 mph, and you can surely have some fun with this UTV. 

The base model starts at $13,420 brand-new, but you might want to think about an upgrade. For example, the beefier XL Edition comes with upgraded seating for up to six passengers. A used 3400 can cost as little as $9,000, although they can run considerably more depending on the options and model year.


The Bobcat UV34 comes in two variants: a diesel-powered model that starts at $17,000 and a gas-powered model with an MSRP of $14,700. The used pricing for both is relatively similar, although used models can be tough to find.

The diesel variant of the UV34 sports a three-cylinder, 23.5 horsepower engine, with a good balance of torque and horsepower. The engine is intentionally sized just below 25 horsepower, so you won’t need to worry about maintaining a diesel particulate filter.

The gas engine has a displacement of 1,000cc in a two-cylinder single overhead cam configuration. Both versions have seating for three passengers, with a cargo box capacity of 1,250 pounds.


In many regards, the UV34 and 34XL are virtually identical. The motors are the same, with all the same benefits and drawbacks. The same goes for the cargo bed, which has an equal capacity. However, there are two rows of seats instead of one, so you can seat up to six passengers. This is an excellent feature if you need to transport a lot of people.

Like the UV34, the Bobcat UV34XL comes in diesel and gasoline-powered variants. The diesel-powered version retails for $18,500, while the gas version goes for $16,900. As with the base model UV34, both UV34XP fetch a similar used price, although they are even more challenging to find than their used younger brother.


The Bobcat 3600 is one of their largest 4x4s. This monster measures more than 10 feet long, more than 5 feet wide, and more than 6 feet high at the top of the roll bar. It has the same 1,250 pounds of cargo capacity as the smaller models. However, the towing capacity is an imposing 2,000 pounds - more than enough to haul a mid-sized trailer with additional gear.

To aid with towing across rough terrain, this UTV has a two-range transmission. The gears have high and low versions, giving you enough torque to navigate even the nastiest mud. And with a 24-horsepower diesel engine, it is just small enough not to require a particulate filter.

The Bobcat 3600 has an MSRP of $22,049 for the base model, although it can cost more depending on your options. You can find one used starting at around $14,000.


The Bobcat 3650 is similar in most aspects to the 3600, and it is built on the same chassis, with all of the same capacity ratings. However, you get more utility and attachment options. These include a dump bed, a three-point hitch, and a front PTO system for mounting various accessories.

Think of the 3650 as a fusion between a UTV and a skid steer. It is on wheels, and it is not as big as a full-sized skid steer. However, it is surprisingly capable of doing some serious work far from a paved road.

The MSRP for the base model 3650 is $25,786. You can find a used 3650 for as little as $16,000.