Benelli Motorcycle For Sale

In 1911, Benelli was founded in the city of Pesaro, Italy. The company started from humble beginnings, initially just a small local repair shop for motorcycles and bicycles. However, since they fabricated many of their own parts, they were able to adjust to the needs of World War I. After beefing up their production capacity throughout the war, they started producing their own motorcycles in 1919. The first model used a single-stroke, 75cc engine mounted on a bicycle frame. In 1921, they released their first true motorcycle, with a full-sized frame and a 98cc motor.

Benelli continued to produce new bikes, including their flagship Benelli 175, which was made from 1927 up until World War II. Shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the company debuted a 52 hp 250cc model. However, only a few units were sold before the war put them out of production.

During World War II, the Benelli factory was bombed, and it took five years for the company to resume operations after the war was over. Their newest product, the Leoncino, was produced in 125cc and 150cc variants and became the flagship of the postwar Benelli lineup. It was lightweight, reliable, and affordable. This was particularly important for the postwar Italian economy. 

The Leoncino was a huge success, ushering in an era of growth for the company. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Benelli would debut several new bikes, including larger road bikes and smaller scooters, in an effort to broaden their reach. Unfortunately, this success ended in the 1970s.

Benelli Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

In the 1970s, the more affordable Japanese motorcycles were flooding the European market. To cut costs, Benelli brass ordered their engineers to build an exact copy of the Honda CB 500, one of the most successful models of the era. The result, the 500cc Quattro, would be a minor success. However, it would not be enough to save Benelli from inefficient production methods and a failure to expand its sales outside of Italy. In the early 1980s, production of Benelli motorcycles halted altogether.

The brand was reborn in 1995, when investor Andrea Merloni bought the company, along with the original facility, and began developing new Benelli motorcycles. The result is the line of Benelli bikes that most people are familiar with today.

The year 2005 brought further changes. Satisfied with the growth of his business, Merloni sold Benelli to a Chinese company, Qianjiang Motor Group. Qianjiang now manufactures the engines in China, and the rest of the bikes are made and assembled at the original Italian factory. This increased efficiency, along with Qianjaing’s global sales network, has allowed Benelli to start selling outside of Italy, the latest development for the century-old manufacturer.

The Best Places To Buy A Benelli Motorcycle

Because Benelli did not start selling motorcycles on the international market until 2006, pre-2007 models are difficult to find anywhere outside of Italy. That is not to say they are impossible, but you will be looking for auctions for serious collectors. On the other hand, starting with the 2007 model year, the availability of used bikes is much better. You will still need to buy from out of state if you are set on a particular model. But as long as you don’t mind paying for an out-of-state inspection, that is not a big deal.

In the United States, new Benelli motorcycles are sold through partnerships with various other dealerships. The good news is that finding dealers is easy, and there are usually at least a few dealers, even in a smaller city. You can use this to your advantage, as you can call multiple dealerships to get the best pricing. Here is a quick rundown of approximate prices for current Benelli models:

Benelli Leoncino Series

The Leoncino is Benelli’s flagship motorcycle, a stylish café racer available in red or black. It sports a robust 499cc V-twin engine and a six-speed gearbox with a trellis-style steel frame. As an added bonus, the 2021 model comes with a bright LED headlight for increased visibility.

The base model Benelli Leoncino has an MSRP of $6,199. The Leoncino Trail variant, which comes with off-road tires and smaller rotors, will cost you $6,499

Benelli TNT Series

The Benelli TNT Series is a sportier motorcycle with a more forward-leaning seating position. There is also significantly more variance within this series than within the two Leoncino variants. The base model Benelli TNT 300 has a 300cc V-twin motor, a six-speed gearbox, and a modern LCD display. The MSRP is a very affordable $3,999.

The TNT 600 utilizes the same gearbox but boasts an upgraded 600cc inline-four motor. Needless to say, it has a lot more zip. It also has a slightly higher seating position and a correspondingly higher price tag. The TNT 600 retails for $5,999.

The TNT 135 is Benelli’s starter bike, specifically designed for beginning riders. Its tiny 135cc V-twin motor is surprisingly sporty, with an easy-to-manage three-speed gearbox and a lower seating position with smaller, 12-inch tires. The MSRP is very reasonable, at only $2,749.

Benelli TRK Series

The TRK Series is an adventure bike, similar to a sportbike but with a beefier suspension designed to tackle rugged terrain. There are two versions, both with the same powertrain, 6-speed gearbox, and 500cc engine. The main difference is the seating position and the muffler location.

The TRK 502 closely resembles a street bike, with a muffler at the bottom and a seat height of 31.5 inches. It has an MSRP of $5,999. 

But retailing for $6,399, the TRK 502 X has a slightly raised, 33-inch seat, which provides clearance for a muffler under the passenger seat. 

Benelli Scooters

Benelli doesn’t just sell standard motorcycles. They also sell step-through bikes, more commonly known as scooters. Their base model, the Caffenero, sports a 150cc motor that is perfect for zipping around town and running everyday errands. And at only 330 pounds, it is light enough for even the smallest riders to manage. The Caffenero has an MSRP of $2,699.

The Zafferano is a luxury scooter with a 250cc engine, wider frame, and a more comfortable passenger seat. It costs $3,399 brand-new.