ATV Trailers For Sale

Due to the lack of signaling and safety features, most state laws do not recognize ATVs as street-legal vehicles. In circumstances where passenger cars are considered unsafe, such as heavy snow or rain, ATV use may be permitted on public roads.

Unless you are buying an ATV solely for your estate, using a dedicated trailer is the most convenient method of reaching your next off-road destination. This guide will take you through the lineup of the best ATV trailers available for sale, and it can help you make an informed purchase decision!

How To Pick A Trailer 

The process of selecting the right trailer is relatively straightforward once you have your requirements and limitations in place.

Initially, you are most likely looking for means to haul a single ATV. In that case, you will need a 4 x 6, or preferably a 5 x 8 trailer. However, if you have plans to expand your ATV fleet, you may want to consider purchasing a larger trailer from the start.

Consider your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), as it determines how much you can safely haul. Take the GVWR and reduce it by the curb weight of the truck or hauling vehicle. Then, reduce that figure with a slight overestimation of the weight of equipment, cargo, and passengers. 

The resulting figure will give you the maximum hauling weight. With proper ATV trailers, you won’t have to worry about the weight of your ATVs, as it is built to carry a specific number of vehicles. With standard trailers, take the gross trailer weight rating and apply the math you calculated above for the hauling vehicle to determine if it is capable of safely towing the trailer.

Best ATV Trailers For Sale

With the brief buying guide out of the way, we can now explore trailer lineups of well-known trailer manufacturers.

Triton Trailers

Triton company has been creating towing trailers for over forty years, and it is one of the oldest manufacturers in North America. They specialize in trailers for recreational and utility vehicles, including snowmobile, watercraft, and ATV/UTV trailers. 

Triton ATV trailers can be divided into three categories: aluminum/wood, all-aluminum, and enclosed variants. All aluminum comes in FIT, Tilt, AUX, and CH and EHHD series, which is a total of 23 models. There are 21 models to choose from in the aluminum/wood section between the FIT, ATV, and UT series.

The main difference with open-design trailers is the use of plywood or hardwood for the deck on aluminum/wood models, while the all-aluminum model can be longer and haul heavier loads. The ATV Series may be the most appealing option, as it can be loaded from the back and also from the side to fit more ATVs on a more compact trailer.

The enclosed series is built out of aluminum and fully protects your ATV during transportation. Between the Vault, Prestige, Lowboy, and Lowboy HD series, there are 29 enclosed trailers to choose from.

You can find Triton trailers on the manufacturers website, and if you can’t decide on a specific model, simply contact the nearest dealer for assistance.

Featherlite Trailers

Like Triton, Featherlite is a well-established American trailer manufacturer. Since 1973, the company has continuously grown and expanded its offerings to include trailers of all sizes and applications, and is best known for its Nascar transporters.

The Featherlite lineup consists of four enclosed and three open design trailers. Enclosed trailers can be customized in length and width, turned into mobile workshops, and have convenient loading ramps. Model 1610V has both front and rear loading ramp, while the Model 1641 comes with side camper doors.

For a more accessible trailer, look at Model units like the 1683, 1693, and 1694. Despite the unimaginative names, these all-aluminum trailers will impress you with their durability, ease of loading, and well crafted tie-down rings.

The easiest way to get your hands on a Featherlite ATV trailer is to consult the official dealership map and find the location nearest you. 

PJ Trailers

If you are looking for the best-value options, look no further than PJ Trailers. The Ready Rail system allows you to tie down ATVs in the perfect spot, no matter where it’s positioned. A three-year frame warranty, a five-year warranty on Dexter Axles, and a sturdy wooden deck make the PJ trailers stand out.

PJ Trailers make a wide range of products, from flatbeds to dump trailers. For ATV hauling, we recommend the single-axle channel utility (U-series) or medium-duty deckover (L-Series) trailers. Also, the Channel buggy hauler (B-Series) is another solid option.

With over 300 dealerships across the United States and CaJ.D. Power, there is a high likelihood that you can find a PJ Trailer dealership near you. On the official website, you can use the dealership finder page and obtain information within seconds.

Aluma Trailers

Aluma makes some of the best aluminum trailers in the business. Most of their lineup can be used for ATVs, as well as other vehicles. However, if you are looking for specialized trailers, they have four models to offer. 

On the A88 series, side rails also serve as a loading ramp. The length ranges from 126” to 216”, and by using the side-loading approach, you can haul more ATVs to your destination. As these models come with an all-inclusive five-year warranty, you can be confident they are well-made trailers.

Aluma trailers can be found in almost every larger city, so you can browse locally or consult the official website for more details. Aluma doesn’t streamline dealership prices, so make sure to check multiple locations before making a purchase.