Amphibious ATV For Sale

Most ATVs are designed to drive on solid ground, although many also specialize in off-road performance. However, there is a subsection of ATVs in the industry that are amphibious. Amphibious ATVs, also called UTVs, can navigate both on dry land and through the water.

How? Amphibious ATVs use lightweight body tubs, specialized balloon tires, and simplistic drivetrains. Rather than being built with standard wheel suspensions or traditional steering columns, amphibious ATVs use differential steering to navigate the water safely. Additionally, most amphibious ATVs have six wheels or more, with larger models even boasting eight. 

Though they are relatively niche, amphibious ATVs are popular vehicles for individuals who need to efficiently and safely transport work equipment or materials across bodies of water. They can also be used for exploration, navigating through off-road environments that include bodies of water, and many other purposes.

Amphibious ATV Buyer’s Guide

Amphibious ATVs are very different from the typical single-rider vehicles you may be familiar with. For example, most amphibious ATVs have enough space for two people rather than just a single rider.

Additionally, amphibious ATVs are not particularly fast or maneuverable, mainly due to the extra space dedicated to flotation. The tires are not as durable as typical ATV tires, particularly for off-road trail navigation. However, these vehicles can withstand punctures and damage to a significant extent.

As a result, you should only purchase an amphibious ATV if you plan to use it for traversing water environments specifically. 

Considerations When Purchasing An Amphibious ATV

Most amphibious ATV manufacturers from the 1960s to the 1980s are no longer in business or are no longer producing amphibious ATVs to the same capacity as they used to. However, a few new manufacturers have stepped up, and new amphibious ATV models are available.

Before buying an amphibious ATV, ask yourself these questions to make sure you prioritize the right factors:

  • How many seats do you need? As mentioned, amphibious ATVs always have space for at least two people. But some larger models may be able to fit up to eight individuals at once, including having some extra storage or transporting equipment.
  • How far does the ATV need to travel? Larger ATVs will also have larger gas tanks and will be able to travel for farther distances before running out of fuel.
  • How many wheels do you need? Amphibious ATVs come in four-wheel, six-wheel, and eight-wheel configurations. The more wheels it has, the heavier it will be - but the easier it will float.
  • What are the off-road capabilities? Some amphibious ATVs are truly specialized for water transportation, so they won’t have the durable tires or robust drivetrains necessary to traverse off-road trails.
  • What are the tools and amenities? Consider whether a given amphibious ATV has enough storage space for your needs, whether it has Bluetooth functionality, whether it has a built-in radio, and so on. All of these aspects can help you pick an amphibious ATV out from the pack.

The Best Places To Buy Amphibious ATVs

Unfortunately, amphibious ATVs are somewhat more challenging to find than regular ATVs due partly to their specificity. These days, you will usually see new amphibious ATVs from one manufacturer: Argo. Fortunately, this brand has multiple different amphibious ATVs to choose from, including four-wheelers, six-wheelers, and eight-wheelers.

You can also find used amphibious ATVs from online platforms, including Craigslist, eBay, and even With that said, use caution when purchasing a used amphibious ATV. Some models are very old and may not have been well maintained, and these vehicles are likely not worth your while. Always check the model year and perform an in-person inspection before buying a used amphibious ATV to ensure you don't purchase a defective vehicle.

Argo Frontier ATVs

The Argo Frontier series of ATVs come in a few different types, including three-wheel, six-wheel, and eight-wheel configurations. The most recent eight-wheeled Frontier 750 Scout has several attractive features to consider, even though it weighs 1,300 pounds.

For example, it has an upgraded 26 hp electronic injection engine, plus a variety of accessories like a skid plate, gear rack, bearing extensions, and even a bilge pump. This line of aquatic vehicles is excellent for towing materials from one destination to another, as well as they have a towing capacity of 1,400 pounds.

The new 2019 Frontier 750s will cost you $19,499, while smaller used Frontiers may cost as little as $8,999.

Argo Aurora ATVs

Argo’s Aurora line of amphibious ATVs is also worth a look, though they begin at a much higher price point. For example, the 2021 Aurora eight-wheeled amphibious ATV starts at $25,899. But for this price, you will get a very powerful, capable vehicle with tons of driver compartment room, handlebar controls, and a liquid-cooled 31 hp engine.

The Aurora also features a high-mounted transmission shifter, increased blood volume, and plenty of maneuverability on land. This vehicle includes a bilge pump, headlights, and even LED rear taillights. It can carry six passengers on land and up to four people while on water. Unfortunately, the used models are currently around the same price.

Gibbs Sports Quadski ATVs

While Argo might be the go-to choice for most amphibious ATVs, there is another option: Gibbs Sports’ “Quadski.” This new ATV was designed from start to finish for speed and performance in the water, and that is why its motor can produce 140 hp while submerged. It is all attributed to the four-cylinder, 1300cc engine with 16 valves.

On land, it is similarly impressive, featuring disc brakes for each wheel and an RWD option. It can reach up to 45 mph on land. This advanced marine propulsion vehicle can be picked up new for a price of $40,000, and used vehicles are very difficult to find. Should you look at one, you will likely be able to get it for a significant discount.