6x6 ATV For Sale

Most ATVs have four wheels, providing them with plenty of balance and enough space to comfortably support at least one passenger. However, not all ATVs are built for speed and performance. Others are designed for transporting equipment and supplies or for carrying multiple passengers.

6x6 ATVs are among the best because of their extra wheels. Though 6x6 ATVs are technically UTVs or utility vehicles, you can find many 6x6 machines from various major manufacturers, such as Yamaha, Polaris, and more.

These vehicles are often workhorses, providing you with extra storage space for equipment or tools, additional seating capacity, and ultimate stability when taking the vehicle on off-road trails or even through aquatic environments.

Here is a short guide on best practices for purchasing a 6x6 ATV. 

6x6 ATV Buyer’s Guide

Given that most ATVs only have four wheels, why do some have six?

Six-wheeled vehicles have several advantages. For example, each wheel on a six-wheeled ATV exerts less individual ground pressure than four wheels. While the vehicles are heavier overall, they will be more stable as a result. Additionally, six-wheeled vehicles have more wheel redundancy than four-wheeled vehicles - meaning if a single wheel in the back fails or goes flat, you may still be able to reach your destination before needing repair or replacement.

However, six-wheeled vehicles also need a little more driving experience than traditional four-wheel ATVs, as they require more complex drivetrains and suspension arrangements.

What To Look For In A 6x6 ATV

Consider these major factors before making your purchase.

  • Is it aquatic?: Some 6x6 ATVs are actually aquatic vehicles. These aquatic ATVs can transition from land to water instantaneously thanks to a floating and insulated undercarriage, as well as floating tires. However, these ATVs may be more expensive than other 6x6 vehicles.
  • Seats or storage space: Generally speaking, 6x6 ATVs focus either on providing extra storage space or increased seating capacity. For example, some 6x6 ATVs can accommodate six people in total.
  • Stability and performance: 6x6 ATVs usually have heavy, robust engines to ensure they can maintain top-tier performance over many hours of service. Always check the quality of an engine before purchasing a 6x6 ATV, especially if it is used.
  • Extra features and amenities: Some 6x6 ATVs will come with additional tools, like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS tracking, or even enclosed cabins that include HVAC for total comfort in any weather.

Keep in mind that 6x6 ATVs are not like regular ATVs, so don’t expect to use these for racing or tackling off-road trails requiring a vehicle with lots of agility. These are workhorse machines intended for more utilitarian tasks.

The Best Places To Buy 6x6 ATVs

As mentioned above, 6x6 ATVs are currently produced by various popular manufacturers, including Polaris, Can-Am, and more. These new vehicles are ideal if you have the cash to purchase a new ATV outright.

However, you can find plenty of used 6x6 ATVs through online marketplaces like Craigslist and ATVtrader.com. Some ATV brands may also provide used or earlier models of their 6x6 ATVs, though this is subject to availability.

Regardless, you should always inspect a used 6x6 ATV before making a purchase. Check the drive train, tire quality, and engine health before purchasing to prevent yourself from having to pay for expensive maintenance problems later down the road.

Polaris Sportsman 6x6 750 ATVs

The Polaris Sportsman 750 is one of the best 6x6 ATVs on the market, featuring an engine that can produce 44 hp. These vehicles also include on-demand AWD. As a result, you will be able to take this anywhere you can imagine, and it is pretty comfortable for two people due to its built-in passenger seat buckets.

This is also a workhorse machine through and through, with 1,500 pounds of towing capacity, over 1,100 pounds of payload capacity in the main storage compartment, and an 800-pound rear dump box. This rugged and durable ATV features a 6-gallon front storage compartment as well, plus a 6.7-gallon fuel tank.

Brand-new Polaris Sportsmans can be picked up for $11,699, and used models can be found for $6,700.

Can-Am Outlander Max 6x6 DPS ATVs

The Can-Am Outlander Max 6x6 DPS is another popular line of 6x6 ATVs. Available at a starting price of $13,400, the Outlander Max has an engine that can produce up to 62 hp. It is a powerful machine with a tremendous towing capacity of up to 1,650 pounds. The Outlander Max also has a lot of extra space to carry equipment, including 800 pounds of rack capacity.

You can select between 4WD and 6WD at your leisure, and you will be able to reach your destination thanks to its 5.4-gallon fuel capacity. The Outlander comes with a dual-lever rear cargo box, as well as a tailgate and a quick detach accessory system that allows you to switch out racks for different purposes.

Used Outlander 6x6 ATVs can be purchased online for as little as $10,599.

Argo Frontier Series 6x6 ATVs

Though Argo isn't as well-known as other ATV manufacturers, they make some of the best six-wheelers on the market today. The Frontier starts at $10,600, and units are available in three different horsepower configurations, two of which can reach 23 hp.

These simplistic and military-styled ATVs are very often pursued for amphibious use, as they can enter aquatic environments and transport your equipment from place to place. They accomplish this task through the use of low-pressure paddle tires for both land and water transportation. Aside from this, the tires are great for acquiring traction in the mud.

The Argo Frontier Series has a towing capacity of 1,200 pounds and a total water capacity of just 370 pounds. Used Argo Frontier six-wheeler ATVs can be purchased for $8,999.