50cc ATV For Sale

ATVs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and they are built with different engine sizes as well - depending on their primary function. Some ATVs, such as those models used for transporting heavy equipment, will have large, powerful gas engines. Others, such as ATVs suitable for kids or youths, will have smaller, 50 cubic centimeter, or “cc”, engines.

Youth ATVs are rapidly becoming more popular, as adults begin to introduce their kids to the fun and freedom of ATV riding. The 50cc engines are the smallest type of engine manufactured by most major brands, making these ATVs among the smallest, lightest, and easiest to control on the market.

50cc ATV Buyer’s Guide

While 50cc ATVs aren’t the most common, there are dozens of different models to choose from. These models are constructed with a multitude of features, design elements, and more. When choosing a 50cc ATV, keep these factors in mind to ensure you purchase the best ATV for their needs and your budget:

  • Engine power: A 50cc engine with four gears will likely not be able to travel more than 30 mph. However, some 50cc ATVs may only reach an average top speed of around 20 mph. Generally, faster ATVs are only suitable for older youths that have the physical strength and riding experience necessary to handle these vehicles.
  • Features: Some youth ATVs come equipped with extra safety features to protect riders. These can include larger brakes, cushioned handlebars, lights, and high-speed lockouts that automatically prevent a rider from accelerating over a preset threshold.
  • Tire size: Bigger, wider tires are generally more suitable for off-road riding, as they are able to grip dirty or muddy terrains better than thinner tires. On the flip side, thinner, narrower tires are better for on-road riding since they can help the vehicle to reach higher maximum speeds.

Who Are 50cc ATVs Good for?

Generally speaking, 50cc ATVs are small and lightweight and are often the smallest available ATVs provided by most manufacturers.

As a result, they are most suitable for riders between the ages of 6 and 10 (although, this is dependent on an individual child’s weight, experience level, and other factors). If your child weighs significantly more than average, or is over the age of 10, a 50cc engine may not have enough power, or the ATV may have a shorter driving range for its electric charge or standard gas mileage.

Also, since 50cc engines are so small, they are typically not very powerful. Don’t expect a 50cc engine to be able to tow heavy payloads or race with other ATVs. These vehicles are primarily suitable for youth riders who want to learn how to ride ATVs for the first time and enjoy some basic, reasonably safe cruising on roads or dirt paths.

The Best Places to Buy 50cc ATVs

Many of the same places that carry standard ATVs also sell 50 cc models, including manufacturers’ websites or dealerships in your local area. You can also acquire used 50cc ATVs from various online marketplaces, including ATVtrader.com and Facebook Marketplace.

If you are looking at a used 50cc ATV, stop by and check it out personally before purchasing. You will be able to check for any maintenance problems and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Apex Pro MXR 90 ATVs

Apex primarily makes youth ATVs, and their Pro MXR 90 model is one of the best in their catalog. It features a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine and a CVT transmission. The 1.5-gallon tank of fuel capacity and a foot-controlled kick-starter make this an authentic starter ATV for youths age 8 and over.

Brand new Pro MXR’s can be purchased directly from Apex starting at $4,200. Finding a used model can be a bit more challenging, although some Facebook Marketplace groups have listed used Pro MXR 90’s from time to time at reduced prices.

Can-Am DS 70 ATVs

Can-Am produces a wide array of fun and safe youth ATVs, including several models with 50cc engines. Their DS 70 line of ATVs are a great entry-level youth racer, featuring a single cylinder and four-stroke engine paired with a fully automatic CV transmission. The handlebars are specifically designed for small riders, and the DS 70 features an easy-start electronic system that eliminates the need to use a traditional kick-starter.

Brand-new DS 70’s can be purchased from the manufacturer for $2,349, or you can get used models for a little bit less.

Can-Am DS 90 X ATVs

Another great option is the Can-Am DS 90 X, an advanced model for older youths with pricing starting at $3,749. The DS 90 X is an ideal ATV for both trail and recreational riding, featuring a fully automatic CVT transmission and a double A-arm suspension to provide a stable, smooth ride.

As an added bonus, the DS 90 X comes with a built-in throttle limiter, which allows parents to prevent their kids from going too fast on the vehicle. It also includes the above-mentioned electric start and a backup kick-start control. Used DS 90 X’s can be found for as little as $3,288.

Hisun Axis 110 ATVs

Hisun also makes a variety of youth-oriented 50cc ATVs. Their Axis 110 model is available in three different colorways and comes equipped with an automatic CVT transmission for consistent performance and easy maneuverability. The Axis 110 also features a 1.5 gallon fuel tank and ventilated hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring excellent stopping power. 

The Hisun Axis 110 starts at $2,099, but this model is difficult to find in used condition as it was just first released in 2016.