3-Wheel Motorcycle For Sale

It used to be that tough-guy motorcyclists wouldn’t be caught dead riding a 3-wheel motorcycle, otherwise called a trike. However, a recent surge in popularity has given 3-wheel motorcycles new life, especially since big manufacturers like Honda, Polaris, and Harley-Davidson offer new models for riders looking for a new way to cruise. 

We should note that 3-wheel motorcycles are strictly cruising vehicles. You won’t be able to use these for racing or reaching high speeds, though some off-roading models exist. However, the stability and comfort that 3-wheel motorcycles offer can make them attractive for older and newer riders alike.

New motorcyclists only have to worry about turning the handlebars to the left or right. No leaning is required to drive the vehicle in any given direction. The 3-wheel motorcycles also remove the pressure to support the weight of your bike when you stop at a light.

3-Wheel Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

New 3-wheel motorcycles are the closest you will get to a luxury cruising ride. Many off-the-assembly line 3-wheel motorcycles include padded seats, storage solutions in the trunk, or even optional second seats for other passengers. These bikes are popular for riders who like to cruise together, as the two back wheels allow the inclusion of a backrest for the passenger.

However, you should remember that most 3-wheel motorcycles are fairly heavy by necessity, with most new bikes weighing close to 900 pounds. You will also need to consider that the bikes require more space than their 2-wheeled counterparts. Thus, finding parking can be challenging in some instances, and wet roads or gravel can give your 3-wheel motorcycle more trouble than you might expect.

Things To Look For When Buying A Used Motorcycle

There are many top-tier options for new 3-wheel motorcycles, but used models are more affordable, and previous owners may even provide recommendations for handling. We recommend checking the following critical factors before going through with a purchase:

  • When buying a used trike, make sure the motorcycle comes with an independent rear suspension. Unfortunately, many of the used trikes on the market were built before most manufacturers started offering independent rear suspensions. But filtering your choices for this component is well worth it in our eyes, as it provides increased performance, better handling, and a more comfortable ride for both you and any potential passenger.
  • Check the steering column and handlebars. A used trike with a good steering kit will be easy to turn and reduce the effort you need to make a fast directional shift by orders of magnitude.
  • Find out from the owner or dealer if the trike came off the line as a 3-wheel motorcycle or if it was initially a 2-wheel bike modified with a trike kit. In the latter case, you should take it on a test drive to see if it is worth your time and money. Some trikes are poorly modified, with kits installed incorrectly, leading to a subpar machine that is uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.
  • Examine the belt tension set and wear if the bike is belt-driven. Poor maintenance or heavy wear and tear could lead to poor performance in the future.

The Best Places To Buy a 3-Wheel Motorcycle

Fortunately, the new 3-wheel motorcycles are becoming more common as old riders try to stay in the game and new cruise riders look for bikes that won't be too challenging for their initial trips. Major dealers like Honda and Harley-Davidson are likely to offer at least a few new models for you to check out or possibly take home, provided you have such dealerships in your local city or town.

You can also check out used listings and online websites for 3-wheel motorcycles. We would recommend CycleTrader above other options like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace purely because you will find more variety in the used models on this site than you will with the other sites. 

However, consider filtering by geographic area when finding a used motorcycle at your price point. CycleTrader shows motorcycles across the nation, and the last thing you want to do is buy a used bike that you need to pick up from across the country or ship to yourself at a premium!

All that said, let us break down the new and used prices you will likely find for 3-wheel motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide and Freewheelers

It is no surprise that Harley-Davidson offers some of the most popular 3-wheel motorcycles. Their classic Tri Glide bike first showed up in 2009 as a revival of an old-school model. It is currently available with either 114 or 117 in.³ V-twin engines. This model comes with an expansive sectional seating area that’s perfect for passengers.

The Freewheeler debuted in 2015, offering classy cruiser looks and long handlebars. A new HD Tri Glide or Freewheeler starts at $34,999 or $29,599, respectively. Meanwhile, used motorcycles of both models will run you at least $15,499 or $12,500, respectively.

VW Trikes

You might look into Volkswagen’s trikes. Initially designed by bolting Honda forks and seats to the rear ends of the 1950s beetles, VW Trikes are classic, have sharp but attractive silhouettes. They come in a variety of flashy colors that will look perfect for cruising down your town’s main street. But keep in mind that these trikes are far from the most powerful or fastest on the market.

Naturally, new VW trikes are impossible to find. Used VW trikes are similarly rare, but you can find the occasional motorcycle for $7,500.

Yamaha Niken Trikes

Yamaha has reinvented the idea of a 3-wheel motorcycle by creating its very own trike with two scooter-sized wheels at the front of the bike's chassis. With an 847cc engine, this nearly 600-pound motorcycle does require you to put your foot down to stop it from tipping over.

But the pair of wheels up front offers surprisingly better stability than average motorcycles and results in excellent road grip in wet conditions. A dedicated front suspension ensures that both front wheels stay planted on the road even in rugged terrain. Thus, it’s a tremendous off-roading bike, especially for enthusiasts who like to ride in the rain.

You can find new Yamaha Niken Trikes priced at $15,999, and used Niken Trikes are $12,000 on average.