New and Used Navigator L Prices, Lincoln Navigator L Model Years and History

Lincoln Navigator L Models

2020 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2020 Navigator L

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator L fits the bill for towing capacity and power to get the job done for buyers looking for a versatile SUV.

2019 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2019 Navigator L

The Navigator L gives avid buyers an optimized, full-size luxury SUV with an extended wheelbase.

2018 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2018 Navigator L

The extra-large Navigator L gives you a larger wheelbase and more interior storage room, but comes with the same standard and optional features as other Navigator upper trim levels.

2017 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2017 Navigator L

The full-sized Navigator L is one of Lincoln’s largest vehicles and offers more room and seating than almost any other SUV in the same class.

2016 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2016 Navigator L

A full-sized luxury SUV that’s packed with features is what you will get with the Navigator L by Lincoln.

2015 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2015 Navigator L

Unchanged from the previous year’s model, the LincolnNavigator L offers a standard third-row, extended wheelbase and few other desirable amenities that you won’t find in the base model.

2014 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2014 Navigator L

The extended-length variant of the Navigator, the 2014 Lincoln Navigator L is a full-size luxury SUV that seamlessly blends style and function.

2013 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2013 Navigator L

A full size luxury SUV, the 2013 Lincoln Navigator L is the extended wheelbase version of the standard Navigator.

2012 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2012 Navigator L

The extended length version of the Navigator, the 2012 Lincoln Navigator L is a full size luxury SUV that features a Flex-Fuel capable V8 engine and voice-activated navigation.

2011 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2011 Navigator L

Stretching an additional 24.9 inches in length, more cargo space is provided to the 310-horsepower, 2011 Lincoln Navigator L model's 7-passenger luxury cabin.

2010 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2010 Navigator L

Just as luxurious as a standard Navigator, the 2010 Lincoln Navigator L is a full-size SUV that is 15 in. longer for increased cargo space yet retains all of the upscale standard amenities for a refined and stylish ride.

2009 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2009 Navigator L

With more length and luxury than its counterpart, the 2009 Lincoln Navigator L is the company's flagship full-size SUV that features a plush interior and roomy seating for seven passengers.

2008 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2008 Navigator L

The 2008 Lincoln Navigator L is a longer wheelbase version of the standard Navigator and increases cargo capacity by 25 cu ft.

2007 Lincoln Navigator L trims

2007 Navigator L

The 2007 Lincoln Navigator L rides on a longer wheelbase than the standard Navigator luxury SUV and offers the same seating for eight but with increased cargo capacity.

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About Navigator L

Introduced for the 2007 model year, the Lincoln Navigator L featured a longer wheel base that was 12 longer than the normal Navigator model. It offered an additional 128 feet of cubic space of storage, which was 24 feet more than the standard model offered. Lincoln rolled out a longer six-year/70,000-mile warranty on the powertrain with the release of this model, and made some updates to the tail lights and front grill while also introducing power-folding third-row seating. In 2008, climate-controlled seats became a standard option and Lincoln introduced the rearview camera. In 2009, Synch multimedia was added as part of the standard equipment list, along with the backup camera. The engine got a 10 horsepower boost and GPS was offered with its own standalone hard drive. The MyKey synch system made its debut in 2010. For 2011, a 110-volt AC power outlet and DVD entertainment center were offered as optional upgrades. Aside from adding blind-spot mirrors, no other major changes were made to the 2012 model. The Navigator L passed through 2013 and 2014 with only nominal updates.