New and Used Civic Prices, Honda Civic Model Years and History

Honda Civic Models

2021 Honda Civic Hatchback trims

2021 Civic Hatchback

The 2021 Honda Civic Hatchback is fuel-savvy and powerful given either engine option. Real-world tests back the strong EPA estimates, and standard features abound inside the cabin.

2020 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2020 Civic Coupe

The 2020 Honda Civic Coupe has quick acceleration and responsive handling. Its new exterior design is more sophisticated, and numerous upgrades have been made to the interior.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2020 Civic Sedan

Built with families and commuters in mind, the 2020 HONDA Civic Sedan combines powerful engine choices along with a robust interior that makes any road trip fun enough.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback trims

2020 Civic Hatchback

Safety and power are balanced on the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback. The available 6-speed manual or standard CVT smoothly deliver power without compromising fuel efficiency.

2019 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2019 Civic Sedan

The well-rounded and economical Civic has become a staple of the Honda fleet.

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback trims

2019 Civic Hatchback

The stylish Civic Hatchback is as reliable as it is sporty.

2019 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2019 Civic Coupe

The Civic Coupe is compact and modern with lots of available, sporty add-ons.

2018 Honda Civic Hatchback trims

2018 Civic Hatchback

There aren’t a lot of changes for the 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback in the third year of its sixth generation, continuing as the automaker’s mainstay.

2018 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2018 Civic Coupe

The classic Civic coupe has been around the block countless times, and returns for 2018 stacked with standard features.

2018 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2018 Civic Sedan

The Civic sedan has been a timeless staple to Honda’s fleet, and continues this tradition into 2018.

2017 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2017 Civic Sedan

The Honda Civic sedan has become a timeless staple to this carmaker’s fleet.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2017 Civic Coupe

The Civic coupe by Honda continues in the tradition that’s made it a household name.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback trims

2017 Civic Hatchback

The classic Civic hatchback is practical, technologically enhanced and zippy.

2016 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2016 Civic Sedan

The iconic Honda civic sedan offers comfort and agility at a hard to beat price.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2016 Civic Coupe

The Honda Civic coupe brings unrivaled reliability, complete with signature features and functionality that have helped it cement its name as a best-seller for years.

2015 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2015 Civic Coupe

The best-selling Honda Civic Coupe comes backed with trademark reliability, handling and technology and safety features.

2015 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2015 Civic Sedan

The popular and iconic Honda Civic sedan returns for 2015 in both coupe and sedan variants, offering trademark reliability and technology features.

2014 Honda Civic Sedan trims

2014 Civic Sedan

Featuring updated style and equipment, the 2014 Honda Civic Sedan would prove a popular choice for practically minded drivers.

2014 Honda Civic Coupe trims

2014 Civic Coupe

An economy car that effectively conveys an emotional sport feel, the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe is propelled by a reliable i-VTEC engine.

2013 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2013 Civic Cpe

Sporting a refreshed exterior, the 2013 Honda Civic Coupe boasts the same dependability, fuel economy, and conveniences of its predecessors.

2013 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2013 Civic Sdn

Offering one of the most diverse vehicle lineups on the market, the 2013 Honda Civic Sedan offers a standard trim, performance oriented Si variant, hybrid variant, natural gas powered GX and hydrogen fuel celled HF.

2012 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2012 Civic Cpe

An economical small car which also presents a strong sense of sporty styling, the Honda Civic Coupe’s appearance and mechanics have been greatly improved in a 2012 redesign.

2012 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2012 Civic Sdn

A popular four-door returning as a 9th generation model, the 2012 Honda Civic Sedan enters the market with a brand new appearance and mechanical refreshes.

2011 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2011 Civic Cpe

Merging the economy and sense of a compact car with an intimate sport feel, the 2011 Honda Civic Coupe continues to provide a solid platform whether opting for the base DX or the performance-minded Si model.

2011 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2011 Civic Sdn

With no major changes occurring in the 2011 edition of the Honda Civic, the present car carries on as a solid transportation choice as a redesign is on the horizon.

2010 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2010 Civic Cpe

A two-door compact car, the five-passenger 2010 Honda Civic Cpe is a reliable and fuel-efficient car available in a variety of automatic and manual transmission equipped trims.

2010 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2010 Civic Sdn

A compact, five-passenger sedan, the 2010 Honda Civic Sdn is affordably priced yet nicely equipped and very fuel-efficient.

2009 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2009 Civic Sdn

Topping the lineup, the 2009 Honda Civic Sedan features a traditional or clean-burning compressed natural gas engine, along with a performance-enhanced six-speed automatic.

2009 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2009 Civic Cpe

Offering great fuel efficiency and performance, the 2009 Honda Civic Coupe gets strong crash test scores and boasts an upgraded interior, making it a good buy in the small-car segment.

2008 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2008 Civic Sdn

The 2008 Honda Civic sedan is available in a host of trims including the SI which features sport seats and a 197 hp 2.0L four-cylinder engine.

2008 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2008 Civic Cpe

A small two-door car, the 2008 Honda Civic coupe offers seating for five and highway fuel economy well over 30 mpg.

2007 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2007 Civic Sdn

A five-passenger compact sedan, the 2007 Honda Civic Sdn is a well-equipped and fuel-efficient car that is available with keyless entry and a navigation system.

2007 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2007 Civic Cpe

Capable of 38 mpg on the highway and 30 mpg around town, the two-door five-passenger 2007 Honda Civic Cpe is an affordable, reliable, and fuel-efficient choice.

2006 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2006 Civic Sdn

The 2006 Honda Civic Sdn is a five-passenger compact sedan that has been redesigned for the new year and now comes standard with side-curtain airbags.

2006 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2006 Civic Cpe

A two-door coupe, the 2006 Honda Civic Cpe has been redesigned for the new year with a more sleek style yet maintains its fuel-efficiency when heading down the road.

2005 Honda Civic Cpe trims

2005 Civic Cpe

A compact, two-door five-passenger car, the 2005 Honda Civic Cpe is stylish, reliable and very fuel-efficient with an EPA estimated fuel economy rating of 30 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

2005 Honda Civic Sdn trims

2005 Civic Sdn

A compact five-passenger sedan, the 2005 Honda Civic Sdn is smaller than the Accord but more fuel efficient with an EPA estimated 38 mpg on the highway.

2004 Honda Civic trims

2004 Civic

The 2004 Honda Civic is a compact car available as a coupe, hatchback, or sedan, it has a fuel economy rating as high as 38 mpg on the highway, and it has an updated look for the new year.

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About Civic

First introduced to the North American marketplace for the 1973 model year, the Honda Civic has been largely considered the benchmark for basic, affordable automotive transportation. Gaining popularity in the 1970s and 1980s among growing motoring customer base seeking more fuel efficient vehicles, the Civics economical nature and reliability shaped Hondas reputation in the United States. The Honda Civic had been offered various body styles over the decades including a Wagovan in the 1980s with all-wheel drive. By the 1990s, United States-sold Civic were offered as a two-door coupe, four-door sedan and a three-door hatchback. The 1998 Honda Civic was powered by a 1.6 four-cylinder engine featuring differing power levels depending on the trim level. On CX, DX and LX trim levels, engine power was rated at 106 horsepower standard equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. Adding VTEC engine technology, the fuel economy leading 1998 Civic HX was offered with an optional continuously variable transmission. Equipped with a VTEC engine allowing 127 horsepower of output, the Honda Civic EX served as the top-trimmed model for 1998. For 1999, a new Honda Civic Si model was offered with the two-door coupe. The 1999 Civic Si coupe is performance-tailored with a 160-horsepower engine, stiffer suspension and a rear spoiler. Power windows, air conditioning, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel were included inside the Honda Civic Si. A redesigned Honda Civic emerged in 2001 with a completely new suspension system. The hatchback body style returned for 2002 serving as the basis for the latest iteration of the Civic Si. For the 2003 model year, a gasoline/electric hybrid version of the Honda Civic was first introduced. Featuring a 13 horsepower electric motor combined with a 1.3-liter engine, fuel economy of the Honda Civic Hybrid was rated at up to 51 miles per gallon in highway driving. After 2004, the Honda Civic line was defined as several separate models.