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2004 Bentley Arnage trims

2004 Arnage

An ultra-luxurious and exotic sedan, the 2004 Bentley Arnage boasts a massive 6.75L V8 that is also massively powerful churning out 450 hp and moving all passengers quickly, safely, and in great comfort.

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2004 Bentley Continental trims

2004 Continental

The 2004 Bentley Continental is a luxury sports coupe that shows off modern Bentley styling with hints at the traditional cues embedded in the heart of the design.

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Bentley Prices & Values: Bentley was founded in Great Britain in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley and has since become the ultimate expression of power and luxury. With custom interiors, high-powered engines and traditional qualities of sumptuous trim and fabrics, Bentley is tailored for the elite. Volkswagen now owns Bentley, but the time-honored qualities still remain. See Bentley models below or browse Bentley deals.