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The sedan line-up underwent a massive change from the 1990s to the late 2000s. The large-scale, V-8 powered Buick Roadmaster sedan was retired in 1996 (also the last rear-wheel drive car Buick would produce). By the mid-2000s, Buick was in the position of reinventing their image with more new names. The popular full-sized LeSabre was replaced by the Lucerne while the Regal nameplate was replaced by the LaCrosse. Eight-cylinder engine power briefly returned to the Buick car line-up in 2008 with the adoption of the high-performance Super moniker. In 2012, the LaCrosse was elevated to the position of Buick's sedan flagship accompanied by the return of the Regal sedan and the entry-level compact Verano. Turbocharged engine power serves as peak performance on all current Buick sedans.