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1983 Century Custom

1983 Century Limited

1983 Century T-Type

1983 Electra Estate

1983 Electra Limited

1983 Electra Park Avenue

1983 LeSabre Custom

1983 LeSabre Limited

1983 Regal

1983 Regal Limited

1983 Regal T-Type

1983 Riviera

1983 Riviera T-Type

1983 Riviera XX

1983 Skyhawk Custom

1983 Skyhawk Limited

1983 Skyhawk T-Type

1983 Skylark Custom

1983 Skylark Limited

1983 Skylark T-Type

Buick Prices & Values: Buick was founded as an independent upscale automobile company (now the oldest still in existence), and Buick is now a division of General Motors. Buick offers entry-level luxury models; examples are the Buick Enclave, the Buick Encore, the urban sedan Buick LaCrosse, and the everlasting Buick Regal. Start your car shopping research for a new Buick below or browse Buick deals.