Vroom Cars Vs. J.D. Power

Vroom is a seamless enabler to users in purchasing used cars. And while the offerings & options are a bit finite than similar organizations, one of the most significant advantages of Vroom is that users can sell their vehicles with no purchase obligation. J.D. Power, on the other hand, is renowned for car ratings, and now also has a Verified Fair Price Program. Learn more.

J.D. Power

J.D. Power has cemented a reputation for professionally accumulating and analyzing data in the best interest of consumers. For the automotive field, verifiable & unbiased information of real-world experiences endured by real vehicle owners is gathered through surveying the market from the third month to the third year of vehicle ownership.

The feedback generated from verified vehicle customers is used to segment the car market by price & size to create car ratings.

J.D. Power Score Classifications

Best (91-100)

  • Models within the "best" classification are the highest rated within their category according to their owner

Great (81-90)

  • Models belonging in the "great" classification didn't rate high enough to be considered for the top of their category, but were better than the average ratings within their category

Average (70-80)

  • Models within the "average" classification earned a par score within their category
  • As a benchmark, the average 100-Point Score is settled at 80 for the most recent model year, and older models usually experience a lower average rating than 80

On top of all that, serving consumers with a fuller understanding of car pricing and value, our J.D. Power Verified Fair Price is a dependable indicator that one is not overpaying for the desired vehicle. Using the purchasing information from over 12 million retail transactions each year, we keep close tabs on the average price and the price range paid by the majority of the people. Dealers who qualify will have the J.D. Power Verified Fair Price badge applied! Seeing that badge grants the assurance that the price is close to the average in that region.

You can read more about our ratings methodology here, and Verified Fair Price here.


Who Vroom Is

Vroom is a website that helps potential buyers purchase a used car. While their options are a bit on the limited side compared to other similar sites, their users can also sell their vehicles directly to the Vroom company without having to buy a car in return. Although Vroom is a smaller outlet for used vehicles, they allow buyers to search for vehicles released before 2013.

Vroom also has low mileage vehicles, assistance with financing an used vehicle, a seven-day return window, and the option to have your newly purchased vehicle delivered to your home. Their low mileage vehicles have fewer than 40,000 miles, and they request a $500 refundable deposit to hold a vehicle until all the paperwork for completing the transaction is in place.

Vroom Cars

Each vehicle posted on the Vroom site comes with several pictures noting different features of the car, and all offerings have a sales-pending banner above the listing if a purchase is still in progress. Each vehicle has its page where a complete list of specifications is noted in addition to any safety recalls. A vehicle history report is also available and indicates information like accidents and repairs.

Other highlights of the site include information about vehicle fuel economy for all available cars, the number of previous owners, performance specifications, and several photos. Buyers have access to several tools on the Vroom site, such as a trade-in calculator. The trade-in calculator provides a free estimate of the vehicles' value with no-obligation to purchase a new vehicle.

The estimating tool allows this information to factor into the cost of a new vehicle and the down payment required. There is also a place where buyers can add their approximate credit score when looking for financing options, and loan terms range from 36 and 72 months. Vroom offers competitive financing options for its buyers, and the registration arrives via mail.

Vroom buyers can also opt to have their new, used vehicle delivered to their home, and a delivery charge is calculated based on whether the car gets transported via a covered or open truck bed. The return window for vehicles purchased from Vroom is seven days or 250-miles, and there's no pick-up charge as long as the return is within this window.

Vroom also offers a full 90-day warranty on all cars purchased through them, and their customers also receive a full year of roadside assistance that is available 24/7. There is no maximum on the number of service calls that a customer can place, which offers an excellent value to buyers.

Vroom also purchases used cars from individuals, and sellers are offering a free appraisal without any obligation to sell or buy a vehicle in the future. The appraisal value is honored for ten days before a new one is required, and Vroom picks up the car for free in addition to the full payment.

Buyers can expect Vroom to match or even offer better-competing offers on new, used vehicles, and the company will buy any car also if they don't post it for sale online.

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