2018 Keystone RV

Passport Grand Touring Series M-3290 BH Special Notes

Special Notes

Keystone RV Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Prices include air conditioner, awning, stabilizer jacks, microwave, AM/FM cassette stereo and water heater with DSI. Challenger and Hornet previously listed under Damon Corporation.

2018 Note

Sprinter 20 Anniversary models include Camping Made Easy, Performance Insulation and Luxury Package, electric 4 point leveling system, 8 function remote control, air rain sensor vent, fiberglass front cap, 55" LED (334FWFLS, 353FWDEn, 359FWMPR, 40" LED (N/A 334FWFLS, 353FWDEN), electric awning with LED lights, outdoor kitchen (324FWBHS, 326FWBHS, 359FWMPR), residential mattress, theatre seating (N/A 269FWRLS, 293FWBHS, 324FWBHS, 326FWBHS, 359FWMPR), 15K btu air conditioner, stainless steel residential refrigerator with ice maker (298FWRLS, 326FWBHS, 353FWDEN), washer/dryer prep (N/A 293FWBHS, 334FWFLS, 359FWMPR, 50 camp electrical service and keyed system. Outback models include the Comfort, Designer and Premium Packages, auto leveling system, 32” HD LED television (325BH only), HD LED television (N/A 325BH), outside camp kitchen (266RB, 298RE, 324CG and 333FE only), black tank flush, 15K AC, washer/dryer prep (326RL, 328RL, 330RL and 335CG only), wire and frame for 2nd AC, aluminum rims, radial tires, CO detector, sofa sleeper, theater seating 2nd sofa (325BH only) and fireplace. Outback Ultra-Lite models include the Exterior Group and Interior Group Packages and fiberglass front cap. Raptor Predator models include the Interior Value, Exterior Value, Entertainment and Safety Packages, electric beds and pull down screen. Raptor models include the Standard Raptor, Exterior Value, Interior Value, Entertainment and Safety Packages. Laredo fifth wheels include the Life Size and Black Label Edition Packages, painted front cap, 15K BTU AC, 32” television and CO detector. MDL # 358BP also include automatic leveling system. Laredo travel trailers include the Life Size and Black Label Edition packages, painted front cap, 15K AC, CO detector and rock guard cap protection. Retreat models include Camping Comfort Package and microwave. Retreat Luxury models also include the Retreat Luxury Package. Sprinter models include the Luxury, Performance Insulation and Camping Made Easy Packages, keyed-alike system, road armor suspension, outdoor entertainment center (3150FWRLS, 3151FWRLS, 3570FWLFT, 3571FWLFT and 333FKS only), outdoor kitchen (3550FWMLS, 3551FWMLS, 312MLS and 325BMK only), washer/dry prep (N/A 3340FWFLS, 3341FWFLS and all travel trailer models), 32” LED television (325BMK only), 40” LED television (319MKS only), 55” LED television (N/A 319MKS and 325BMK), auto leveling, remote control, 7 cu ft refrigerator (312MLS and 319MKS only), 8 cu ft refrigerator (3150FWRLS, 3340FWFLS, 3530FWDEN, 3570FWLFT and 325BMK only), residential refrigerator (3151FWRLS, 3341FWFLS, 3531FWDEN, 3551FWMLS and 3571FWLFT only), secure step (N/A 312MLS, 319MKS and 325BMK), queen bed (312MLS and 325BMK only), king bed (N/A 312MLS and 325BMK), theater seating, power awning, rain sensor vent (N/A travel trailers), 50 AMP service with 2nd AC prep, 15K BTU AC and 2nd 13.5K BTU AC (N/A 3150FWRLS, 3151FWRLS and travel trailers). Sprinter Campfire Edition models include the Camping Made Easy Package, automatic leveling system, electric stabilizer jacks (N/A travel trailers), remote control, keyed-alike system, road armor suspension, 32” LED television, power awning, queen-size mattress, outdoor kitchen (26RB, 29BH and 33BH only), outside entertainment center (29FWBH only), 8 cu ft refrigerator (Fifth Wheel models only), 7 cu ft refrigerator (N/A Fifth Wheel models), secure step (29BH only), theater seating (30FL and 29FWRL only), painted cap (Fifth Wheel models only) and 15K BTU AC. Passport ROV models include the Dry Camping Package, awning, power tongue jack and LED television. Passport Express models include the Exterior and Interior Packages. Passport Grand Touring models include the Exterior and Interior Packages, sleeper sofa (N/A 2400BH and 2520RL) and aluminum wheels. Passport Elite models include the Elite, Exterior and Interior Packages, aluminum wheels fiberglass front cap, electric tongue jack and sleeper sofa (N/A 19RB). Passport Ultra Lite models include the Exterior and Interior Packages, Murphy bed (199MLWE and 239MLWE only) and aluminum wheels. Cougar (western edition) trailers also comes with Camping In Style, Value, & 1/2 Ton TT Package, Polar Package Plus, bike storage rack, frameless window. MDL # 32RESWE also comes with (mandatory) fireplaces. Cougar 5th Wheel (western edition) also comes with Camping In Style, Value, & 1/2 Ton 5W Package, Polar Package Plus, 4 point electric leveling system, bike storage rack, Cougar quick camp remote, frameless windows. MDL # 283RETWE comes with (mandatory) fireplace. Cougar 5th Wheel also comes with Camping In Style, Cougar, Value, & Royalty Package, Polar Package Plus, electric 4 point leveling system, and fireplace. MDL # 326SRX comes with (mandatory) bike rack. Cougar (Eastern edition) FW MDL #'s 25RES, 27RLS, 28SGS, 29RDB, 29RKS, 29RES, 30RLS, 32BHS, & 32DBH also include Camping in style, Anniversary, Comfort, & Polar Package & electric rear stabilizer jacks. Cougar X-Lite 5th Wheel also comes with Camping In Style, Value, Royalty, & Polar Package, electric 4 point leveling system, & 50 amp svc. wire & brace for second A/C. Cougar X-Lite trailers also comes with Camping, Value, & Polar Package and 15.0 BTU A/C. Alpine 5th Wheels also comes with Alps Package, ASA in-command unit remote system, dishwasher, level-up six point auto leveling, G-rated tires, whisper air deluxe (dual) 15K A/C, trail air rota-flex pin box, & cordless vacuum. MDL #'s 3010, 3300, 3400, 3500, 3650, 3660, & 3909 also includes (mandatory) 18 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator. MDL #'s 3011, 3301, 3401, 3501, 3651, 3661, & 3901 also includes (mandatory) 18 cu. ft. Samsung refrigerator w/ 1000 watt inverter. In addition to what is standard, Summerland Mini models include the spare tire kit and front stabilizer jacks. Summerland models include the Summer and Summerland Series Packages, stabilizer jacks (220QB and 2600TB only) and spare tire kit. Springdale travel trailer models include the Value and Adventure (N/A 38BH, 38FL and 38FQ) Packages, LET television (N/A 311RE), 39” LED television (311RE only), power tongue jack (N/A 260LE and 270LE), tri-fold sofa (N/A 235RB, 240BH, 260LE and 270LE), theater seating (270LE and 332RB only), aluminum wheels (N/A 260LE and 270LE), spare tire kit and 15.0 BTU AC. Springdale fifth wheel models include the Adventure and Value Packages, laminated aluminum framed sidewall, power awning, enclosed underbelly, radial tires, deluxe entertainment system, 50 Amp service and wire for second AC, 7 cu ft refrigerator, exterior shower, sink cover, LED television (N/A 253FWRE), tri-fold sofa, aluminum wheels, spare tire kit, free standing table (278FWRL only) and 15.0 BTU AC. Springdale Eco-Lite models include the Pacific Package, heated and enclosed underbelly (212RBWE, 240BHWE, 242RKWE, 245RBWE and 258RLWE only), electric awning, radial tires, deluxe entertainment system, exterior shower, front diamond plate, sink cover and spare tire kit. Springdale SSR models include the Value, Arctic and Pacific Packages, theater seating (270BHWE only), deluxe entertainment system, exterior ladder, electric awning, electric stabilizer jacks, heated and enclosed underbelly, tri-fold sofa, LED television, power tongue jack, aluminum wheels, 15K AC and spare tire kit. Springdale SRT models include the Value and Pacific Packages, deluxe entertainment system, enclosed underbelly, electric awning, LED television, spare tire, exterior shower, front diamond plate and sink cover. Bullet Premier models include the Premier, Exterior Camping and Interior Camping Packages, exterior décor, aluminum wheels, thermal package, 8 cu ft refrigerator, theater seating (30RIPR only), free standing dinette (24RK only) and painted front cap. Bullet Colt models include the Dry Camping Package. Bullet Crossfire models include the Crossfire Package. Bullet Ultra Lite models include the Interior Camping and Exterior Camping Packages, fiberglass front cap, aluminum wheels, thermal package, exterior color and power tongue jack. Carbon models include the Standard Carbon, Interior Value, Exterior Value, Entertainment and Safety Packages. Fuzion models include the Xtreme Exterior, Intense Interior and Monster Packages. Montana High Country models include the Residential Living and Four Season Living Packages, automatic leveling system, residential French door refrigerator and 2” receiver hitch (N/A 380TH and 381TH). Impact models include the Intense Interior, Extreme Exterior and Knockout Packages, 3/4 Ton AC, hydraulic leveling (Fifth Wheels only), pull down screen in cargo area, 8 cu ft refrigerator, electric beds and G-Rated tires (Fifth Wheels only). Impact Vapor Lite models include the Intense Interior and Extreme Exterior Packages. Residence models include the Residential Living Package, central vacuum, 13.5 BTU AC (40LOFT, 401LOFT, 40MKTS and 401MKTS only), fireplace exterior shower, winterization, bedroom ceiling fan, (N/A 40LOFT, 401LOFT, 40MKTS and 401MKTS), electric awning and stabilizer jacks. Signature models include the Signature Package. Montana models include Residential and Four Season Living Packages, hydraulic leveling system and outside entertainment. Montana Legacy models also include the Legacy Package.
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