Millennials Insight Report: The Customer Experience Perspective

Access the largest accumulation of research to date on the customer experience requirements of Millennials, the fastest-growing consumer segment least likely to be influenced by traditional marketing techniques.

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Millennials Insight Report


3 Keys to Winning Millennials' Hearts & Business


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Millennials: Not as Fickle or Anti-Establishment as You Think


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Breakthrough Millennial Report Across 15 Different Industries



Why Millennials are such tough customers

MarketWatch | Millennials may be attacted to their phones, but they aren’t distracted customers. Compared with older generations, millennials…MORE >

Millennials Like to Complain, but Tend to Be Loyal Customers

SMART Customer Service | Millennials are more likely to file customer complaints than other generations, even Baby Boomers, according to a report from J.D. Power…MORE >

Who Millennials Are, Positively

Target Marketing | Let’s start talking about what Millennials want to hear from marketers, instead of what they don’t. Let’s hear who they are, instead of who they aren’t; and why they’ll buy, rather than why they wont...MORE >

New Report Dives Deep to Reveal More than A Half-Million Millennials’ Preferences

ProgramBusiness | Move over, Baby Boomers. Today, forefront in marketers’ minds is getting into the heads of the generation known as...MORE >

Millennials willing to give private information in exchange for benefits

Post Online Media | The differences is most prominent in utilities (+37 points), healthcare (+28) and telecom (+13) industries...MORE >

5 highlights from J.D. Power comprehensive study on Millennials

Auto ReMarketing | Dealerships of all sizes are trying a wide array of strategies to reach millennials...MORE >

Design a Customer Experience Millennials Want & Need

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  • Based on over 600,000 consumer responses, including responses from more than 240,000 Boomers and 126,000 Millennials

  • Draws from more than 20 Internal J.D. Power studies, plus external governmental and academic resources

  • Insights are cross-industry in nature and touch on the following topics:

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