Chuck Wagon UTVs For Sale

When American SportWorks introduced the Chuck Wagon line of utility vehicles in 2004, it was a huge hit in the ATV market. What made the Chuck Wagons so popular was their versatility. Chuck Wagons can be fitted with everything from an electric bed to a stereo/CD player. These UTVs can be converted into any form, whether for mudding, adventuring, or farm work.

The moniker “Chuck Wagon” is derived from an early type of field-kitchen covered wagon called the chuckwagon that was first introduced in 1866. Fast forward to 2004, and American SportWorks made a modern incarnation of this wagon, with all the modern amenities and features. Unfortunately, the Chuck Wagon line of side-by-sides is no more, as the parent company has been rebranded as American LandMaster. However, the Chuck Wagon legacy of reliability still lives on.

Let’s introduce you to some of the most popular Chuck Wagon models made throughout its eleven years of production.

CW-11 4x2

The first-ever produced ChuckWagon UTV was the CW11 4x2. Also called the TW11 and TW11R, it propelled American SportWorks to recognition in the UTV world. It features a 340cc gas engine procured from Honda producing 11 hp. It was one of the few UTVs that, at the time of its release, was an affordable automatic transmission UTV. This 2WD UTV has a 3’x45’ manually operated dump box with 400 lbs of load carry, two seats with seat belts, a differential lock, and a roll cage. This UTV was built to be hardy and efficient, which lived up to its reputation. The design is a very practical affair, with solid plastic covers and bodywork. Aluminum rims and a front windshield with a canopy which are optional, complete the CW11.

CW-413 4x4

With the success of the CW11 model, American SportWorks went ahead and produced the CW413. This time, the company made it a 4x4 UTV. This 4x4 UTV featured a slightly larger 390cc Honda gas engine than the CW11, with a CVT hydrostatic automatic transmission. A differential-lock is standard as per the previous model. The dump bed is a manually operated bed able to handle 400 lbs of load with a towing capacity rated at 1,100 lbs. A canopy comes standard, as do front and rear hitch receivers on the CW413 model. The front and rear tires are a 22” set with hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels. Top safety features include 3-point seat belts for the driver and passenger, a roll cage, a front guard, and headrests.

CW-265 4x2

Released in 2008, the CW265 4x2 UTV saw an upgraded design from its predecessors with a much more dynamic and ergonomic design. It is powered by a four-stroke Subaru Trail Wagon 265cc engine, with better than ever fuel management. The engine is mated to a CVT automatic transmission, and it has a rated top speed of 22 mph. 

A set of 22” tires with dual rear drum brakes and a hand-operated parking brake come standard with the CW265. The towing and hitch capacity is at 1,100 lbs, and the dump bed can accommodate up to 400 lbs. The frame is constructed with welded steel, and plastic materials are used on the body. Some ease of use amenities includes a full-width bench seat with headrests and 3-point seat belts for the driver and passenger. There’s also a glove box to hold any necessary items and drink/cup holders.

CW-48V 4x2

American SportWorks initially ventured into the electric UTV segment with the CW48V. The CW48V (the 48V referencing the 48V battery used) is an electric-powered UTV. It has a manual dump bed with a payload of 400 lbs and a 1,100 lbs towing capacity. The CW-48V has an 8.6 hp 500-amp controller motor, a direct drive transmission, and a DANA gearbox transaxle. It comes with lap/shoulder belts, headlights, and it can traverse most terrains up to 18 mph. 

In addition, the CW-48V can be made street legal with additional equipment. An overnight charge will power the CW48V for up to 38 miles, depending on the terrain and load. A nifty feature of this UTV is regenerative braking. This feature acts to recharge the battery when you apply the brakes, providing drivers with slightly extended mileage on long trips. Stopping power comes courtesy of hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels.

CW-650 4x4

One of the last models sold as the Chuck Wagon is the CW650 4x4. Powered by a 653cc Subaru OHV 4-stroke V-twin engine, the CW650 sports a CVT automatic transmission with 22 hp and a torque rating of 33.6 lb/ft at 2500 rpm. There is a safety feature where the engine shuts off at low oil pressure, shown by an oil pressure warning light. 

A set of 25” tires with a 14” ground clearance makes the CW650 a monster on any terrain. 4WD, locking differential, articulated rear swingarm, and hydraulic front disc brakes with hydraulic drum brakes on the rear provide stopping power for the CW650. Towing capacity is rated at 1,200 lbs, while the bed capacity can hold up to 500 lbs. This UTV also comes equipped with a hand-operated parking brake and under-seat storage features, and also includes a 2” rear hitch receiver and 12V auxiliary outlet for electronics.


While the Chuck Wagon moniker is no more, it still lives on under a different name. The Chuck Wagons from American SportWorks are known for their reliability, budget-friendly prices, and price-to-feature ratio. If you are on the lookout for a UTV and you’re on a tight budget, a Chuck Wagon might be the one for you.