What is a Safe Exit System?

Jessica Shea Choksey | Jun 22, 2022

Across the board, automakers have prioritized safety in their product lineups. Manufacturers from the United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Korea have continually developed their advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) to be more robust. One such innovative ADAS feature recently implemented by several automakers is Safe Exit, also known as Safe Exit Assist, Safe Exit Warning, or simply Exit Warning. This technology can prevent occupants from accidentally opening their door when an unseen car or cyclist is approaching.

Safe Exit Assist Hyundai Sonata Cyclist

How Does Safe Exit Work?

Kids love to hop out of cars as quickly as possible after arriving at a destination and move on to the next activity. However, they often don’t look to see if the coast is clear before exiting the vehicle, which can be extremely dangerous.

To be fair, it’s not always the little ones doing the hopping. Plenty of adults do it, too. When a car is parked on the street or in a parallel spot, oncoming traffic can sneak up out of nowhere, endangering the person exiting the vehicle and posing a damage threat to the open door itself. Sometimes this risky situation is due to inattentiveness, and sometimes it’s due to obstructed sightlines.

Safe Exit uses radar to detect oncoming traffic and physically prevent the occupants from opening the car door if the system senses danger. When activated, the system will also provide aural alerts, such as a chime. Once the threat has passed and it’s safe to do so, the system will allow the passenger to open the door. Rest assured, Safe Exit works whether the car is running or not.

This technology is also notable for its non-vehicle safety-sensing capabilities. Open car doors can badly injure cyclists and damage oncoming vehicles; the Safe Exit system can detect them to prevent an unnecessary collision.

Which Brands Offer Safe Exit Technology?

Several carmakers offer the Safe Exit tech feature across a range of models, either as standard or as an available upgrade with higher trim levels and option packages. These brands include AudiBMWFordHyundaiKiaGenesisMercedes-BenzLexus, and Toyota. It’s worth noting the Hyundai Group of companies was first to market with this innovative ADAS technology.


If you have kids or regularly transport passengers in the back seat of your vehicle, Safe Exit could prove to be one of the more valuable safety features available. While your new car comes with a myriad of other safety technologies designed to help you avoid collisions and prevent serious injuries if one does happen, few operate when the vehicle is parked or not running at all. Injuries notwithstanding, opening a car door into oncoming traffic poses a significant damage risk to one or more vehicles. Safe Exit minimizes these risks and helps prevent these types of occurrences.

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