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An American luxury car brand that is both driven and rode in with great exclusivity, Lincoln has greatly devoted itself to building desirable, high-end four-door vehicles. Since the 1950s and for many decades following, Lincoln's sedan line-up was dominated by large sedans such as the Town Car. As the brand continued into the 2000s, the large sedans of Lincoln based on old-style luxury were phased-out to make room for vehicles exhibiting modern sophistication such as the MKS and MKZ sedan. The modern Lincoln sedan line-up is one of few premium makes not to offer an eight-cylinder engine. Instead, the luxury brand's top performance is supplied by Ford EcoBoost engine power. Originally established as a coupe model name, Continental was associated with Lincoln as a luxury sedan since the 1960s. Expected for the 2017 model year, the Lincoln Continental's return will signify a new level of top-trimmed luxury for the brand.