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The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed assisted-service/support delivery. As we move forward, organizations will explore maintaining and optimizing a Work-at-Home presence for all operations including customer service. Despite this shift, customers will continue to expect the same or better levels of service.

How prepared is your organization to deliver a best-in-class service experience with a Work-at-Home model?

No matter where you are in your Work-at-Home journey – whether you’ve just gotten started as a result of the pandemic or are ready to take your operations to the next level – J.D. Power is here to help you identify the most critical priorities to address along the way.

Check out our Work-at-Home Excellence suite of solutions and let us know how we can best help you achieve your Work-at-Home goals:

Remote Agent Retention Program

Solve your attrition challenge

With what the media has dubbed “The Great Resignation” putting a strain on businesses across the globe, organizations are challenged with finding ways to address and reduce attrition. The move to remote work models for many organizations has also added an additional layer of complexity to this challenge. So how can leaders understand and address the internal triggers that cause people to leave?

J.D. Power is pleased to introduce the Remote Agent Retention Program. This Program helps bridge the physical gap that exists between Supervisors & Agents in the remote work model, resulting in:

  • Better employee engagement
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced attrition

Work-at-Home Operational Imperatives

Are you confident that your Work-at-Home customer service and support operation is safe, secure, and compliant?  If not, we can help you quickly.

Many organizations have quickly stood up a Work-at-Home operation and have managed to respond to customers through their assisted service channels in this new environment.  Unfortunately, due to the need to work around the clock just to meet immediate needs, many organizations find themselves operating in a manner that is vulnerable to cyber security threats, privacy breaches, and HR violations that can put their entire organization at significant risk.

The J.D. Power Work-at-Home Operational Imperatives Program evaluates your current Work-at-Home technical and HR environments against standards that ensure safe, secure and compliant operations. The program covers the following:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Infrastructure
  • Collaboration
  • Compliance
  • Hiring
  • Discipline
  • Agent environment
  • Asset Management

Clients who complete the standard 15-day program will know what gaps exist, what HR policies need to be implemented immediately, what technology solutions are needed to operate in a safe, secure, and compliant environment.

Work-at-Home Operational Excellence

Are you ready to map your path to your customer service operational excellence?

Through the J.D. Power Work-at-Home Operational Excellence Program, our experts from HR, operations, and technology disciplines will do a comprehensive,  detailed evaluation of your operation against more than 200 elements and cross-industry Work-at-Home best practices. We work virtually with headquarters, your BPO’s (if applicable), your functional team leaders, and your agents in their Work-at-Home environments to understand your strengths and areas of opportunity and to inform your current achievement level (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum). 

J.D. Power leverages insights directly from customers to compare your performance to performance of cross-industry leaders. This analysis will identify gaps in performance and provide the data needed to create the roadmap to deliver a best-in-class Work-at-Home environment.

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