J.D. Power We Predict

J.D. Power We Predict

Businesses thrive on continuous improvement. We provide predictive analytics as a service that continuously evolves with your needs.

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Our Story

In the summer of 2022, J.D. Power acquired the data and predictive analytics business of We Predict, the UK-based provider of global automobile service and warranty analytics.

We Predict software uses machine learning and predictive analytics to develop detailed projections of future warranty claims and repair costs for the global automobile industry. Drawing on a database of billions of service records, We Predict can accurately forecast true vehicle ownership costs, residual values, repair and warranty claims costs and more.

Predictive Modeling with Advanced Data Science

The information you use to run your business changes constantly. It is a challenge to track and understand the impact of those changes on your future. That's where we come in. Predictive analytics is the use of data mining, predictive modeling, and probability to forecast outcomes. J.D. Power We Predict has an incredible range of experience and technical capabilities to serve your unique needs.

Tailored To Your Industry

We specialize in building custom predictive models and analytics solutions tailored specifically for maximum results. Our unique predictive methods and analysis complement our clients’ unique data, propelling their performance forward.

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Understanding where your products stand today and tomorrow versus your competition, so you can make the right decisions. Stabilize your balance sheet, improve product development, and boost dealer results.

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Fleets & Heavy Equipment

Maximize uptime and profitability by knowing what’s ahead. We excel at creating that forward view so companies can understand and proactively respond to upcoming impacts – protecting their assets and revenue stream.

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Custom Solutions

Mix and match to meet your unique needs. We operate in your environment, augmenting your existing processes and structure and allowing you to seamlessly transform your outcomes.

Accelerate Your Business Today

It's time to take control of your data and get clear insights into your business. Speak with one of our representatives today to set up a consultation to see how J.D. Power We Predict can take your company to the next level.