J.D. Power Climate Leadership Program

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance is increasingly a top priority for many businesses, including utilities. The J.D. Power Climate Leadership Program benchmarks environmental performance, delivers best practices and recognizes outstanding leadership in addressing climate change.

The Program is made up of four components:

  1. Sustainability Index – Climate: A measure of how sustainable a utility is based on feedback from their residential and business customers, especially how well they rate their utility’s actions and plans to address climate change.
  2. Sustainability Proprietary Survey: In-depth residential and business voice of the customer survey examining customer attitudes toward climate change, customer awareness of their utilities’ plans and levels of customer engagement and advocacy.
  3. Operational Performance Assessment: Benchmark and audit of operational climate leadership metrics addressing global climate change risks and operational utility risks.
  4. Sustainability Performance Improvement Program: Consulting analysis and support to drive climate leadership improvements.


J.D. Power Climate Leadership Dimensions



  • Voice of the Customer Climate Index Model Data
  • Operational Climate Data
  • Voice of the Customer Climate Proprietary Survey Data


A subscription to this program helps organizations address the following objectives:

  • Realization of clean energy goals
  • Increased customer advocacy
  • Increased stakeholder support
  • Targeted and efficient investments
  • Improved company image
  • Reduced infrastructure risk
  • Increased shareholder value


Many U.S. states and electric utilities are making more ambitious clean energy commitments than ever before, including some committing to hit 100% clean energy targets by 2050 or earlier.

J.D. Power’s 2020 Sustainability Index—Climate revealed customer sentiment on where we stand today.

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