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U.S. Travel App Satisfaction Study

Mobile apps continue to grow in use and importance in the travel industry. They are a key driver of satisfaction with the overall travel experience. Travelers use mobile apps for booking, managing day-of-travel and account management and have high expectations based on experiences with high-performing apps—both within and outside of the travel industry. Travel brands with the best mobile app experience are well positioned to grow and take market share from competitors with apps that do not meet customer expectations.

The J.D. Power U.S. Travel App Satisfaction StudySM measures user satisfaction with travel apps across four segments of the travel industry: Airline, Hotel, Rental Car and Online Travel Agency.

A subscription to this survey will empower your organization to:

  1. Pinpoint the key dimensions of satisfaction among users of travel apps and benchmark your mobile app rank compared to competitors and peers.
  2. Understand and apply the key best practices that drive high satisfaction with travel apps.
  3. Identify strengths and opportunities for app improvement against competitors.
  4. Understand the relationship between satisfaction with the mobile app experience and customer loyalty
  5. Compare mobile app satisfaction to industry disruptors

Learn the Answers to Key Questions:

  • What are the barriers to app adoption and greater app usage?
  • What is the relationship between satisfaction with the mobile app experience and customer loyalty?
  • Which features and experiences drive high satisfaction with mobile apps?
  • How does our brand’s mobile application rank compared with those of competitors and peers?
  • Does a comprehensive app act as a promoter of the brand? Does it impact the likelihood of returning to the app?
  • What functions are more difficult to use than others? What do customers most want the app to include?
  • Do speed issues negatively impact a customer’s impression of the app? 
  • Are customers aware of all functionality of the app, and how does that compare with the features they are currently using? Additionally, what are they using the app for; how often do they use it; what would drive them to use it more often; and do they have other travel-related mobile apps besides the one for your brand on their device?

The Benefits

  • Customized executive presentation and in-person discussion that includes data-driven, actionable recommendations for achieving strategic goals
  • Competitive survey data and industry reports
  • Brand-specific scorecards pinpointing strengths and opportunities
  • Data and analytics tools for performance insights and competitive peer comparisons
  • Access to J.D. Power’s proprietary customer experience measurement and management solution