The Auto Industry’s Need to Address Consumer Confusion About ADAS

Kathleen Rizk of J.D. Power Highlights the Auto Industry’s Need to Address Consumer Confusion About Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


The lack of clarity among consumers around Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is causing a disconnect that is not only hampering feature utilization, but also confusion that can drive consumer frustration and lead to unintended use, infrequent use, and even incorrect use of features.

“Recent research from J.D. Power points to the need for the automotive industry to better educate and engage consumers on how to incorporate ADAS technology into the day-to-day driving experience or risk feature abandonment and misuse,” says Kathleen Rizk, Senior Director of the Global Automotive Consulting practice at J.D. Power.

In this article, Kathleen Rizk identifies the key areas that need to be addressed, including:
-    The lack of standardization of key terms and naming conventions for common ADAS features and functionality
-    Poor sales team understanding and consumer education that leads to the misuse of ADAS features
-    Constantly evolving ADAS features and the digitization of the auto industry

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