What Will Customer Service Look Like in a Clinton or Trump Administration?

An article written by Rick Johnson, director of the Government and Healthcare Practices at J.D. Power, featured in the publication, Government Executive.

Amid the reality-TV style coverage of the presidential election this year, it’s easy to forget that, at the end of these campaigns, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will have a government to run. Although President Obama’s Executive Order 13571 is aimed at improving the customer experience, there is still important work to do in order to give constituents the service they deserve from Federal agencies.

Despite concerted efforts since the mid-1990s to measure and improve citizen satisfaction with Federal service, government agencies continue to lag behind in satisfaction, compared with most private sector services. Unfortunately, the Federal government’s current effort to evaluate the customer experience is a patchwork of programs— some are thoughtful, comprehensive, and include data-driven takeaways on how to improve, while others fall short.

Although working with the government is typically different than working with the private sector, consumers of government products and services compare their experiences in the public sector to those they have in the private sector. Measuring and comparing key attributes and factors—such as wait time, problem resolution, courtesy of staff, and online servicing—with the private sector, as well as government agencies will offer critical benchmarks that can be used to guide improvement efforts.

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