Mobile and online banking platforms continue to drive organic growth, especially for deposits. The ongoing evolution of mobile banking will have a dramatic effect on customer growth and retention. Many Americans rely heavily on mobile phones to pay bills and make deposits, a trend that is expected to increase during the next 5 years. Banks with comprehensive, user-friendly mobile platforms will be able to attract more young consumers as customers, ensuring their future deposit growth and lending capabilities.

A J.D. Power 2018 Mobile Credit Card App Satisfaction StudySM Subscription Will Empower Your Institution To:

  1. Pinpoint the key dimensions of satisfaction among users of mobile banking apps.
  2. Understand and apply the key best practices that drive high satisfaction with mobile apps.
  3. Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement against competitors.

Learn the Answers to Key Questions:

  • What are the barriers to app adoption and greater app usage?
  • How does high app satisfaction impact usage of other personal-service channels (such as branch and call center)?
  • What is the relationship between satisfaction with the mobile app experience and customer advocacy, retention, and attrition?
  • Which features and experiences drive high satisfaction with mobile apps?
  • How does our institution’s mobile application rank compared with those of competitors and peers?
  • Are there certain mobile app activities that customers prefer vs. online activities?
  • Does a comprehensive app act as a promoter of the brand? Does it impact the likelihood of switching?
  • What functions are more difficult to use than others? What do customers most want the app to include?
  • Do past speed issues negatively impact a customer’s current impression of the app?
  • Are customers aware of all functionality of the app, and how does that compare with the features they are currently using? Additionally, what are they using the app for; how often do they use it; what would drive them to use it more often; and do they have other banking-related mobile apps besides the one for your brand on their device?


  • Customized executive presentation and in-person discussion that includes datadriven, actionable recommendations for achieving strategic goals
  • Competitive survey data and industry reports
  • Data and analytical tools for performance insights and competitive peer comparisons
  • Access to VoX 3.0—This study is available on the interactive interface, VoX 3.0