Conduct a deeper analysis of your customers’ experiences

J.D. Power syndicated benchmarking studies help property and casualty, health, and life insurance companies identify and prioritize performance improvement initiatives that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. Ensuring an outstanding customer experience allows providers to protect—and increase—market share. However, study subscribers often want more customers surveyed than those included in the syndicated study in order to conduct a deeper analysis of their customers’ experience.

The J.D. Power Proprietary Benchmarking Program is an enhancement to our syndicated studies that allows your company to field additional surveys using sample that is provided by your company. This program, which leverages J.D. Power’s established benchmarks, as well as our refined survey/research methodology, yields more completed surveys than delivered with the normal fielding of the syndicated study. The result is deeper, more valuable data on your company’s performance vs. competitors using the J.D. Power Index and Key Performance Indicators methodology.

How It Works

What You’ll Get From a Subscription

Proprietary Benchmarking Program subscription includes the license for the associated J.D. Power syndicated study and access to that study’s data and deliverables. In addition, Proprietary Benchmarking

Program subscribers will receive the following:

  • Executive presentation during which J.D. Power experts will meet with your team to evaluate the results of your proprietary benchmarking study and help your company identify areas for action and improvement
  • Use of J.D. Power benchmarking syndicated study questionnaire with 5 custom questions
  • Respondent-level data file allowing you to explore your results and dig deeper into your customers’ feedback
  • Customized scorecard for your company showing where you stand on key areas of interest

Program subscribers can use this data to:

  • Review customer experience feedback
  • Anticipate changes to the customer experience
  • Understand precisely which customers completed the proprietary benchmarking survey and how customers’ recent experiences impact satisfaction
  • Understand the needs of customers across your organization through deep-dive analysis of:
    • Customer segments
    • Regional performance if relevant
    • Product/Service
    • Channel