Large Government Agency

The Need

In 2009, one of the largest agencies in the U.S. government came to J.D. Power with a need. The agency has a vast and complex network of field locations and tens-of-thousands of employees providing assistance and benefits to hundreds-of-thousands of beneficiaries. On an annual basis, each of the agency’s contact centers handles more than 2 million calls from beneficiaries needing information on dozens of different types of issues. Recognizing the need for training call center and frontline staff to deliver consistent service across numerous field offices, the agency’s leadership came to J.D. Power for its expertise in providing contact center measurement, consulting, and training services.

The Solution

Part of recommending the right training meant that the J.D. Power team had to identify and understand the weaknesses in the client’s internal processes, which are typically identified by looking at a variety of Voice of the Customer data to develop a targeted and cost-effective approach. However, this agency had no quantitative Voice of the Customer data. That’s where the research began.

J.D. Power conducted a call center assessment that resulted in 21 recommendations, which the client translated into 67 service enhancements, the most fundamental being the establishment of a VOC research program designed to track performance across many touch points (e.g., call center, application process, benefit eligibility, and benefit information).

This assessment incorporated a version of J.D. Power’s various benchmarks tailored for this client, allowing a comparison of the agency’s performance with other industries. Further, the program tracked performance on all initiatives daily and continuously delivered data to the entire field network via an online reporting solution.

The Results

J.D. Power delivers monthly briefings to the agency’s numerous stakeholders, identifying trends and best practices across their different offices. Since the program’s inception, 53 of the 67 recommended enhancements identified have been implemented, including the development of a new technical accuracy program; a new career path/plan for their employees in order to reduce attrition; new technology that significantly reduces beneficiary wait times; and a new customer relationship management system.

J.D. Power is proud to report that satisfaction across every quantifiable metric has increased during the past 5 years.