J.D. Power experts work with federal, state, and local government agencies to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of constituencies and beneficiaries, and to provide actionable information that will aid in the decision-making process, while measuring the effectiveness of those decisions. We hold a GSA MOBIS Federal Supply Schedule, which enables government agencies to acquire our expertise.

Summary of Federal Experience

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration): Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)
    • 2013 Contact Center Assessment where J.D. Power acted as a subcontrator to MMG, conducting on-site discovery interviews to help the client better understand how to improve their operations.
  • GSA (General Services Administration): Contact Channels
    • 2013 Operational Performance Assessment where J.D. Power evaluated the client’s National Call Center (NCC) phone, live chat and e-mail correspondence programs via online survey.
  • GSA: Operational Performance Assessment
    • 2016 Operational Performance Assessment where J.D. Power assessed National Customer Service Center (NCSC) programs via online survey.
  • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture): COR Survey
    • 2014 study where J.D. Power acted as a subcontrator to Jefferson Consulting, writing and hosting a survey to help the USDA better understand the needs of their CORs in the contracting process.
  • VA (Veterans  Administration) VHA CMOP Pharmacy Satisfaction Study (syndicated)
    • 2015 syndicated study measures Veteran satisfaction with their pharmacy experience with the VA hospital, clinics, and mail-order pharmacies. Data from the study are analyzed and reported using an overall satisfaction index model.
  • VA Voice of the Veteran – Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)
    • VBA Quality Management Program: As part of this 2013 study, we evaluated call quaity standards, created a measurment program which included a score card, then developed a training program for the Quality Evaluators, Coaches, and the Quality Response Team.
    • VBA Call Center Tracking Research: This is a current project where J.D. Power evaluate the performace of 9 VBA Call Centers, collecting 36,000 completes annually (daily fielding via phone interviews, monthly reporting).
    • VBA Line of Business (LOB) Benchmark: Before setting up our current continuous tracking study, in 2013 we worked with five VBA lines of business to create satisfaction benchmarks for each.  As part of this benchmarking, we conducted Cognitive Testing Lab pre-testing for each survey instrument with the target audience, and surveyed over 21,000 respondents via paper survey.
    • VBA LOB Tracking Research: J.D. Power currently evaluates the customer experience for five VBA lines of business, using 11 survey instruments, and more than 380,000 mailed questionnaires per year with additional e-surveys.
    • VBA Transition Assitance Program (TAP) Satisfaction: In this 2012 study, we evaluated the transition program for members of the Active Duty US Military to Veteran status. We collected over 20,000 responses via paper survey for this study.
  • VA: Voice of the Veteran – VHA
    • Service Acquisition Offices (SAO) Assessment: 2014 study where J.D. Power assesed the contracting process and advised SAO on a draft survey instrument. In order to complete the research, we visted all the odd number Verterans Integrated Services Network (VISN) offices, conducted in-person discovery interviews with medicals staff, District areas staff and contracting office. We also helped SAO develop the parameters for a survey program.
    • HFE (Human Factors Engineering) Recruiting: 2015 program where J.D. Power recruited and scheduled focus groups to assist the HFE team with usabiity testing. We also assisted with anlysis of findings.
    • Conjoint Analysis: We are currently working with the client on a conjoint study that evaluates effectiveness and affinity for combinations of types of internal communication. Previously completed conjoint analysis provided analysis to the VHA on Access to Care, Specialty Care, Choice Care, and External Communications.
  • VA: Voice of the Veteran – BVA
    • Board of Veterans Appeals Call Center, Board Appellant Satisfaction Survey: Current program where J.D. Power evaluates both satisfaction with the call center and satisfaction with the appellant process. The call center portion of this study includes over 5,000 completes per year, while the appellant portion of the study includes roughly 15,000 completes per year via phone survey. Satisfaction with the board call center uses a “touch-and-go” methodology where we recruit participants by phone, then follow up with an e-survey.

“J.D. Power has been quick to recognize issues associated with our field processes and come up with actionable recommendations, which assists with call time, quality of information, and technology improvements. J.D. Power’s recommendations have increased our National index scores dramatically. They work closely with us to assist in understanding how important the scores are related to client satisfaction. Together J.D. Power has designed, developed and fielded a satisfaction research study that will enhance our advocacy role.”
—Excerpt from Government CPAR