Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN)


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  1. Total sales growth took a step back: Mar’16 total SAAR of 16.5 million fell 0.6M from Mar’15, or ‐3.3%
  2. Worst “true” retail sales drop since the economic recovery began: Retail sales declined 8.2% to 1.22 million, or ‐11K units
  3. Non‐retail sales outpaced retail…again: 10.7% non‐retail growth amounts to 379K non‐retail units (+62K)
  4. Transaction prices rose, but the rate of growth is slowing: Consumer‐facing transaction price grew $459/unit, or +1.5%, to reach $31,020 for the month
  5. Consumer expenditure has grown only 1.6% this year: $96.8 billion expenditure so far in 2016 is only $1.6 billion better than 2015 YTD
  6. Incentive spending is still going up: Incentive spending rose +$275/unit, or +8.8% vs. year ago levels, to $3,401/unit
  7. Consumers continue to shift to lease: Mar’16 levels of 31.3% reflects an increase of +3.3ppts vs. Mar’15
  8. …even transactions with negative equity move higher: Transactions with negative equity reached 31.3% YTD, or +2.1ppts
  9. Used sales ratio soared in March: Sales of used models at affiliated dealers rose 6.9ppts to 86.8% of new car sales
  10. Good news exists in pockets in the industry: Subprime mix remains flat at 10.7% while days to turn is down one day at 65 days YTD
  11. Small SUV is the industry’s top growing segment this year: Industry retail sales mix has grown to 5.5%, +1.8ppts ahead of last year